Whitney this week….

I haven’t given a Whitney report in some time…   So, being as this is the Whitney Lake Online web site, I thought we would get back to our bidness this week. I have a couple of reports I want to share: First from Jeffrey Weis is this report: My brother Ray Weis and I (Jeff) […]

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Another day on Aquilla

It was Aquilla again…   man it is hard to give up “catching” for “fishing”… Stats for today at our 7:30 a.m.  launch: Air Temperature:  62° Wind:  2 to 5 mph from the South, Southeast Skies:  Cloudy Water Temperature:  68° Water Clarity:   Stained Water Level:  537.67, up a little following the rain With the wind being […]

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Repeat… Aquilla

The Boss and I had studied the weather forecasts….  Monday was rain..  Tuesday was possible rain…  Wednesday looked to be the fishing day this week, then it supposedly starts raining again…  So much rain and so little time in between…  I need to mow or pretty soon, I will have to cut the grass and […]

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Aquilla in the Spring

We thought about going to Whitney….   but when we are catching fish, it is hard to change…  we are “catching” fish..  and that makes it fun.  We will get to Whitney in due time.. maybe when the wind dies down consistently. We fished both Friday and today (Friday) at Aquilla.   While the results were not […]

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Burleson Bass Club Tournament Results from the weekend.

George Roberts of the Burleson Bass Club sent the results of their Whitney Tournament this past weekend. We had 70 entries Big Stringer 1. James Honea 12.56 lb 2. Ken Swinney 12.51 3. Marti Williams 11.82 4. Ronnie Griggs 11.38 5. Walt Greenwade 10.63 6. Robert Stover Jr. 10.25 Big Bass 1. Shawn Robertson 7.28 […]

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Busy, busy, busy… fishing

YES SIR!  We have been busy, busy, busy….   When we haven’t been fishing, we have been blue grassing….   The Boss keeps me going all the time. It  started last Wednesday…  I had an old fiend, a neighbor and class mate from high school come to visit.  It had been many years since we had gotten […]

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Whitney Update

We haven’t been on Whitney in a week, Mach 17 anyway.  But, we got an email update from a friend and reader about his week last week on Whitney.  Here is David Stair’s report from Whitney. My friend, Jim, was on spring break last week.  We fished Whitney – mainly in the afternoon.  Sunday, we […]

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Aquilla… Rounds 2 & 3

Well, we had such a good day on Aquilla last Thursday, that we just had to go back.   But it rained on Friday and Saturday… Well, actually Friday we got up and drove down in a misty rain.  There was no one else on the Dairy Hill ramp at 9 a.m. when we arrrived… but, […]

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