We made a road trip to Whitney today and while down there stopped in again at the Bosque Resort Restaurant and Bar.  This the second time we had eaten there.  The first trip was on the advice a local when we asked where we could get the best burger nearby. Bosque Resort was the first thing he said.  It proved to be an excellent recommendation.










As he had advised, the food was great, but the meal was leisurely, as in not hurried that time.  We did have a great burger, fries and shake.  The shake was hand-made.  All great, but it took a while.  Today though we ordered the daily special which was  fried shrimp platter and our food was out quickly  and it was also very good, excellent in fact.  The fried shrimp were huge, hot and crispy.  The cold slaw was great, the sweet variety, and the french fries were hot and fresh.

What really gets your attention in the Bosque Resort Restaurant is the decor, rustic and rugged outdoorish, but thoroughly modern.  Lots of stuffed animals and fish to entertain you while waiting for the food.  Here are some of the interior shots.

If you are down on Whitney Lake and out near the dam, the Bosque Resort Restaurant and Bar is just west of the dam in Laguna Park on Highway 22.  Its in the first retail complex after you cross the dam.  Good eats, reasonable prices, friendly folks, and a fine place to relax.


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