We checked on the Lofers Bend ramps again today.  The Day Use Area ramp is still open.  We watched a ski boat come in from the lake and load to its trailer.  The boater said he had no problem, but that the water was shallow going out of the ramp area to the lake and one had to be careful.

You might can see in the foreground of this picture, a sand bar just off the end of the ramp.  This type of bar is created by the wash from the motor when loading boats.  You just have to be careful getting over it getting off and on the trailer.  You will want to keep the engine trimmed up all the way out into the lake.

We also visited the East Lofers Bend Ramp.  That ramp also remains open and, in fact, was well used today.  There were a number of vehicles and boat trailers at the ramp.  We visited with a fisherman who had just loaded his boat.  He advised that the ramp is still in good shape and extends out plenty far enough for loading and unloading.  He advised that there was a ridge of rocks on the ramp just out from the waters edge, but you could back over them without much difficulty and the ramp was good after that.   Two boats loaded while we visited with the fisherman.  We also visited with the gatekeeper at Lofers Bend East and he advised that the Corps had scheduled to come out and work some more on the ramp, probably clearing some of the rock.  As it stands now, the lane to the east side of the ramp is the best.

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