We didn’t fish this morning….  still not feeling well after getting much to HOT on Friday… had miserable days Saturday and Sunday… just not whole as yet.

We went down to Whitney for breakfast this morning….  tried something new.  We had not ever been to the little place in the new strip mall on the southwest side of the intersection of Hwy 22 and FM 933.  On the sign outside, it simply says “Cafe”… on the menu it says “Texas Country Cafe”..  It is a home-style cooking place.

We have noticed that it draws quite the crowd at lunch. The parking lot always seems full when we pass.  So, we thought we would give it a try.

It has a bushel basket full of options for breakfast…. just about anything you could want at least that is as comes to mind when thinking about down home breakfast in Texas.

We had the custom made omelet…  and the Boss had the Two Two and Two…. 2 eggs, 2 pieces sausage & bacon, and two pancakes… that’s a plate full.  Both were good eating.  The coffee was hot and the service was quick.

Its a new place and they have decorated it in a Texas theme.

Its clean and neat….

As regards the over all impression, the food was good and more than adequate.  It was not Sister’s Diner, but it was good.   There is plenty of parking.  One of the things we always look for is a place to park the pickup and boat when we are coming from the lake and want a late breakfast or lunch.  Unless it is lunch time, you should be able to get your rig in the parking lot. One limitation we did see was this sign on the front door.  It would appear that they don’t cater to the lake crowd….  they want you fully dressed.

For us, that pretty much rules this eatery out anytime except the winter.  We come down to Whitney for the lake, a lot of times we like to eat when we come off the lake….  for that, this isn’t the place.  Otherwise, it gets a thumbs up from us.   If you are over in that area and looking for a complete home cooking menu….  that is breakfast, lunch and supper (as they put it on the men)… you might like to try this one out.


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