Got the Friday Blues… not fishing this week or this weekend. Gonna make it a point to go next week. Getting cabin fever, or fishin fever… whatever…. need to be on the water, chunkin.


1) I have heard there is going to be another bass tourney on Whitney this weekend. I am hoping to get some feed back from some of the folks in it as to how the fish were doing and how they found the boat ramps to be. I know some of the boats are supposed to launch out of McCown, but don’t know if the entire tournament will be run from there.

2)  And, we heard from a fella who fishes out of Juniper Cove.  He advised that the Juniper Cove Marina ramp is open, but that it is somewhat steep and is a combination of gravel and concrete.  Its a little tricky if you are launching or trailering a heavy boat.  Thanks to Marshall for that tip.

3) If you are going to be on the lake, and come into McCown hungry for some quick food, there is always the Sonic and Subway just down in Whitney. However, if you are in a hurry and want a really, really good burger, here is an option for you. The Pit Stop. Its a little convenience store on FM 1713, the road back to Whitney from McCown. If you call them about the time you are putting the boat on the trailer, your Burger Combo of Cheese Burger, REAL french fries and a soft drink will be ready about the time you get to the store…. And, they are great burgers and fries, did I mention they are real fries freshly cooked?

They have their own grill in the back and cook this up and more. They even have a cafe area where you can sit down and eat if you don’t want the burgers to go. Call them at 254-694-9557, they will cook you a combo right up and you can get the burger made like you want it.  Anyway, check out the Pit Stop.

4) We got email from the Lake Whitney View, I believe that’s the local fishing paper down there and we have exchanged online links with them and have included them in our Tackle Box section which has every thing you need to know to go fishing at Whitney that we don’t tell you… no use repeating stuff that other folks have done a good job with.  Our Thanks to Randy Routh, the new owner of the paper.

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