Feast or Famine…. that seems the way it is.

Well, the BBQ was great today…  the fishing, well, the weather was nice.

We launched at 7 a.m.  The air temp was 58 degrees or so.  The water temp was 76, down from yesterdays 80s plus.  Amazing what a couple of cool days can do.  We had great expectations for today…  but, I guess it just wasn’t to be.  We fished the same spots with the same lures and more…. there were just no fish there unless you like buffalo or carp… whatever they are.  Yesterday, we couldn’t hardly get a top water to stay on the water, the fish were just hammering them… today nothing.  We didn’t zero out, we did catch 3 small bass, but the bass, weren’t there today.

It started out with a brisk north wind, but by 9 am or so, it was completely calm.  The fish just didn’t bite.  We visited with a couple of fellows on the ramp.  They had been out white/sandie fishing.  They had 3 fish total as well; 2 sandies and 1 small bass.  They couldn’t understand why they couldn’t find the sandies either.  We probably saw a half dozen boat fishing for stripers on the lower end of the lake today.  Lots of trolling.  There were no schooling fish to be seen.

We did see this bunch of doves resting in a tree near the lake.  I assume they were looking for refuge from the hunters or the fires or both.


The good news was that we had a great BBQ sandwich for lunch.  Hooten Holler’n BBQ is conveniently located on the northwest corner of the intersection of State Hwy 22 and FM 933.  It is an easy jump off the highway and there is enough parking to squeeze you truck and trailer in when pulling a boat.  Its a neat little place with some cool stuff hung on the walls inside.  The sliced beef BBQ sandwich we had was great… our only negative comment was that they didn’t have a “basket” combo that offered a side and a drink.. but, hey, that’s OK.


All in all, we can’t complain… it was NOT a 110 degrees on the lake…  we got to fish until noon.  The weather was just outstanding.  The views great as usual.  And what better way to top it off than with a great BBQ sandwich… the price was right too.

Here is a little update on the ramps that we know about:

1) The Red Bluff ramp at Steele Creek was reported as still being open.  That’s good news if you fish the upper end of the lake.

2) Only the shop ramp at Uncle Gus’s Marina is open and it was termed as one where you need to be careful.

3) Lofers Bend East, still good.  Though, the boat dock had been in the water on Tuesday, apparently the Corps pulled it back out.  Getting in and out of the boat is best on the ramp.  We “wish” the Corps would put it back in and do a little more work removing rock from the ramp.  Its not bad, but could be better.

4) Harbor Master Marina is still open and looks to be in great shape.

5) This morning we noted two trucks and trailers in the parking lot at Walling Bend on Rocky Creek, so it looks like folks are still launching there.

I haven’t had any word on the other ramps, and can’t make any assumptions about them above what we physically saw the last time we visited them.

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