Well, it was my birthday present from my son….  he did a fishing trip with me…  Best gift I could ever get.   Hard to get a slice of his time now a days….

We fished top water most of the time, though we did do some t-rig fishing.   We caught two small bass and 1 white bass.  We let two nice blacks get off…  I am blaming the wind, too much bow in the line to set the hook properly.

Water temp was 78 to 82.  Water was clear.  The winds were supposed to be light in area of 6 MPH, but they seemed more like 15 at times.  It was work holding the boat.

Lofers Bend East was crowed.  Folks were parking on the grass, at least a half dozen or so couldn’t get into the parking lot, which was full, I am guess there were a total or 25 to 30 rigs there.  We got there at 7 a.m. and the parking lot was full then.  My guess is that a tournament had already launched.   I didn’t see anyone having any trouble getting in or out of the water and they were trying to use all of the 2 1/2 lanes that are available.  But, the retractable tie downs on my trailer had rocks and sand in them and the license tag was bent out after I loaded the boat, so I am sure that the back of the trailer is hitting the bottom.

I donno how much longer the ramp will be usable.  At any rate, it didn’t bother any of the folks on Saturday.  My suggestion is that if you like to fish Whitney, you had best get after it while you can.

Oh, and another observation was that Harbor Master Marina appeared to be open on Saturday.  At least the yellow rope did not appear to be drawn across the top of the ramp.  So, maybe that one is back available.  If you have any info on it or other ramps, please let us know… add a comment.

I really enjoyed the day.