My Dad used to use the old saying “Wish in one hand, spit in the other, see which one fills up the fastest” … or words to that effect….

Today I am “wishing” the Corps of Engineers does something with the ramp at Lofers Bend East, and any of the others that might still be usable with a little work.   We waded around on the end of the ramp at Lofers Bend East when we were there Tuesday.   It has a drop off at the end that could hang and damage a trailer.  I think our trailer was right on the edge when we loaded the boat the other day.  I am not certain that I could pull it out if the front axle got down behind that drop off.   We also waded out a bit further and the bottom is rocky and hard.  The depth finder indicates that the ramp could still be used for sometime if the issue of the ramp drop off could be corrected.

I had a couple of ideas about it….  One was that the Corps could repair it, or maybe some folks who like to fish the lake could get together and try to repair it.  Two thoughts for fixing it were, first, to just shovel the rocks and sand on the ramp (its 3 wide) off into the hole at the end of the ramp.  This would improve the ramp and maybe fix the hole.  Another thought was to take bags of ready mix cement and lay them along in the hole at the end of the ramp… filling the hole with the bags… It might take a few, but they could be laid parallel to the end of the ramp to fill in the trench there and maybe another row or two to fill in as needed behind the first row of bags….  I don’t know how the bags would hold up, but maybe the cement would harden and become somewhat of a permanent fix.

I donno… likely the Corps would not appreciate citizens working on their ramp… and maybe the Corps will take care of it on their own… maybe.. just wishing.  Just wishing we can keep fishing.  I think if the lip at the end of the ramp can be over come, the ramp will be good for a while longer even if the lake drops another 2 feet.