We were back on the lake today… have not been out since last Friday.  I was suffering from major withdrawal due to lack of fishing.   It was cold this morning… low 40s, when we hit the water at 8:30 a.m.   We launched from Lofers Bend East.   Ramp was in good shape.  There were 6 or 7 rigs already out when we got to the ramp.   I am still recommending that you stick to the dock side of the ramp.   But, we had no issues getting in or out of lake at the ramp.

The water temp was surprisingly warm this morning.  It was about 69 or 70 degrees when I dropped the trolling motor.  The winds were light from the South, but they did pickup to around 10 about 11 a.m.   We had a choppy ride back from mid-lake.  The lake is starting to fall again.  The official lake level is 517.44 feet above sea level, this is about 15 feet 6 inches low, below normal pool.   Clearly the lake is down a few inches since we were out there on Friday.   Even though the air temp started out in the 40s and stayed in the 50s, it was pretty comfortable on the lake, well it was in our cold weather gear anyway.  Other than right at the ramp and the Lofers Bend bluffs where it is reasonably clear, the lake seemed to be pretty murky and stained and got more so the further we went up the lake.  There are also still tree tops sticking out of the water in 30 to 50 foot depths along the bluff side of the lake above King Creek.  Caution up that way is warranted.

The bite for us was slow.  We had no hits on crank baits or top water lures.   We saw no breaking fish any where, but then again, we started late and that schooling stuff usually quits in the first hour so we probably missed any opportunity to see it.   We caught our first fish about 10 a.m.  I say “we”, it was the Boss all the way.  She finally got this 7 pound 5 oz hog to the boat.  It was a dancer and she had quite a time with it.  It put up a great fight.

All of our fish came on T-rigs.  The others were keepers but small.  This is my single of the day.  It might have gone a pound and a half to two pounds.  It felt good anyway and kept me from being totally skunked by the Boss.

All the fish came off rocky points.  Hard to tell if they were shallow or deep as we started shallow with the casts and fished all the way to the boat.  The Boss felt her’s early on, but didn’t set the hook until it got right under the boat in 15 feet of water.  All the fish came in no more than 12 to 15 feet of water.  The bites were very light.

As I said, there were lots of rigs on the lake.  At least 3 were striper or white fishing out in the middle of the lake or over at the mouth of Rocky Creek.  We didn’t see anyone fishing near where we were.

It should also be noted that almost all of the road work between Cleburne and Whitney is complete.  There is a short stretch just out of Blum where they are working on the shoulders.  But the road all the way down is in the best shape it has been in since all the gas well drilling started 8 or 10 years ago.   Of course as that continues, well it will not be long until they are working on the roads again.