RAIN!!! We are finally getting some rain and it is not in a hurricane or stormy tornadoes, just gentle rain. Man it is great!

As you can see the rain gauge indicates 4 ½ inches… that is at 10 a.m. on Sunday, October 9 in Burleson and it is coming down by the buckets full now. When I went out to check the rain gauge, my two yellow labs were sitting under the car port staring out at the rain, just looking side to side. It was like it had been so long since they had seen rain, they forgot what it looked like and weren’t going out in it.

Actually, it has been a great weekend. LSU won again and are 6 and 0… likely still number 1. The Texas Rangers won the first game of their playoffs with Detroit… though, I couldn’t stay awake to watch it. The down side was the Texas-OU game and we are not going to talk about it. And, the Cowboys aren’t playing this weekend so, there will be no disappointments there.

With all this rain, we can look forward to maybe getting to fish again next week, can’t help but believe Lake Whitney will not come up some. I am sure some of this water is going to run on down into Lake Whitney, just not sure how much. The ground is really dry and a lot of this water is going to soak in. Right now, we are targeting Tuesday or Wednesday as a fishing day.  My buddy Scott in Alabama, a world renoun tourneyment fisherman, advised that we should try a deep diving Pop-R… he says he has been killing them on it.

We did go to The National Fishing Lure Collectors Club’s annual Region & Fishing Lure & Tackle Show in Burleson yesterday. There were lots of great looking old lures and rods and reels. I regretted not taking my camera. I only bought one lure, a Arbogast Sputterbug. I had seen my brother lose a huge bass on one when he was only 8 or 10 years old, but I think his was jointed and this one is not. We saw Dave Parker up there… he had found some good bundled buys on hard baits, mostly crank baits I think.

And, this past week, I finished a hand carved lure that I made. My friend Carroll had told me that cedar was good for carving lures from. I had tried pine and it didn’t float well. I am really anxious to try this one out… I love that top water fishing. This one is patterned after the old Creek Chub Injured minnow, only with 2 hooks instead of three. I have some special spinners I put on it to really make a racket. Sometimes, I just like to fish with old lures. They are really fun.