This is the first week we have missed fishing at least one day during the week in sometime…. But, in life things happen and you have to go along with it.

The lake appears to be down about 2 inches since we were out there on Thursday, November 10th.   If that rate of drop holds we will be down another inch or so before we get back out on Wednesday or Thursday of next week… or at least that is what the current weather forecasts look like will allow us to get there.

If we miss a few days, it seems like a month to us….

I am shopping for a new depth finder to replace the 178 Garmen finder and GPS on our dash.  I have about settled on a Hummingbird 597ci.  I found it in the Bass Pro Christmas catalog, but I think Academy has them at the same price.  I just hate pulling the batteries and oil tank out of the boat to mount the sender…. but, what the hey, what else do I have to do besides see the grandkids and get older.

But, hey we did have some chores around the place… home maintenance stuff and we baby sat the grandbaby one day.   We had a patio door replaced last Thursday and truthfully, I think that was about the only day that was fishable for us… but we have to do what we have to do.

We will get out next week… likely on Wednesday and maybe Thursday afternoon after lunch….  We will see how the weather goes.  We will get you a report when we do.