Our last blog article presented some questions about Granbury, Whitney and Aquilla….

Well, Gary Crow, owner of Arrowhead Resort on Whitney, called with some of those answers….

Here is what Gary had to say:

First, Whitney is controlled by two agencies:  The Corps of Engineers and the Brazos River Authority.

According to Gary, the lake water 15 feet above pool stage and 15 feet below pool stage belongs to the Brazos River Authority and they can and do sell it for industrial and farming uses.  And, I know that this includes water for the gas well fracking work and water for farm irrigation.  Gary’s BRA source and mine said the same thing about the water pumped from Whitney.. that it was  relatively a miniscule amount and didn’t impact the lake level more than an inch or so when it was done.

Also, the Corps has some kind of contract with the electric utilities and when there is a large power demand, they crank up the two generators in the dam and produce electricity for the Texas electrical power grid.  I have heard from other sources that the turning on and off of the generators is actually controlled by some folks up at Lake Texoma and the Corp down here doesn’t get much more of a warning than the folks who hear the warning horns at the dam.  It is the demand for power that controls the opening of the dam, not the water level of Whitney, even when the lake is down.

Also, when the Lake is flooded, the Corps controls when water is released at the dam.. and it will be above the 15 feet above pool level anyway so the BRA is not impacted there.

There is a pipeline project under discussion for water for Lake Pat Cleburne and the City of Cleburne.  Apparently, the City of Cleburne bought the rights to Whitney water some 10 or more years ago.  They just have not implemented a way to get it to Cleburne.   The plan currently is based on the idea that Cleburne now pumps water via an existing pipeline from Aquilla to Pat Cleburne Lake.  They could pump additional water by pumping water from Whitney to Aquilla which is a much shorter route than from Whitney to Pat Cleburne.  And, they are apparently aware of the desalinization issue.  There is a desalinization plant in the plan that is to be built somewhere out near Aquilla.    There is also a pumping station in the works near Whitney… some place between Arrowhead Resort and the Lofers Bend East Park.   The desalinization plant is supposed to remove the salt and a lot of other stuff including Golden Algae.  So, according to this information, no bad stuff would be passed on to Aquilla from Whitney.

As for any information about possible sewage contamination from Lake Granbury, Gary knew nothing about that issue.  But, his feeling was that it was a long way from Granbury to Whitney and there was many thousands of acres of water making it very unlikely that any pollution issue might exist on Whitney.

We really appreciate Gary giving us an update… always good to get more information and put some of this stuff to rest…. and Gary knows some stuff about the Whitney to Aquilla pipeline as it is an issue near and dear to his heart.

So, just keep catching those fish and you can skin ’em and slice ’em like you like before eating them up.