We didn’t get to fish this past week.  We had a couple of potentially life changing issues going on that kept us off the lake.  Sometimes you just have to deal with that other important stuff even if it is not fun.

But, today I was visiting with a friend who fishes a lot.  He advised he had been catching some blues down at Aquilla this past week.    He fishes for catfish and white perch, crappie, as he calls them.. also known as Specks,  Sac-a-lait, Croppie, Papermouth, Slabs…  growing up in Louisiana we always called them Specks… my wife from further south in Louisiana knows them as Sac-a-lait.  Anyway, he used to fish Whitney some, but Aquilla quite often.

He brought up some interesting stuff today.   We told him we had not been to Whitney lately and he responded that he wasn’t really interested in fishing Whitney any more.   When we asked “Why not?”  His answer was “Granbury.”   Well, then what is wrong with Granbury.  He advised that a Game Warden had told him that he (the Game Warden) wouldn’t stick a toe in Lake Granbury because of all the sewage from the homes around the lake that drains or seeps into the Lake.   Then the water runs down stream to Whitney.  This is something I had heard some time ago, but hadn’t really given much thought to.  I don’t know.  Its a pretty good ways from Granbury to Whitney and a lot of natural purification could occur even if Granbury was that polluted.  But, I haven’t seen any studies on the levels of pollution in Granbury, so I am not sure that it is polluted at all.  Its just a question.  I wish I knew the answer and who checks that out.  Maybe its the Brazos River Authority since it is their lake to manage.

Another issue he brought up was this proposed pipeline from Whitney to Aquilla.  I have heard about this before too, but don’t really have any details.  Something else that deserves some research.  Anyway, his comment was that he thought that the water from Whitney would ruin or degrade Aquilla.  He said the plan was to pump water from Whitney into Aquilla and that water is then pumped back to Cleburne as drinking water.  I asked if the reason was the Granbury Water.  His response was “well, that and the fact that Whitney’s water is too salty to use as drinking water.  Brazos River Authority can’t sell the water from Whitney directly as water for a public drinking source because of the salt content and its too expensive to remove the salt.  I believe this is what a BRA Board member once told me.   In that conversation, the BRA Board member did say that BRA sold water from Whitney and the Brazos to farmers and industrial users, but could not sell water for drinking water to cities.   There is also the issue of the Golden Algae.  The Golden Algae does come down stream from Possum Kingdom and Granbury to Whitney.  If water is pumped from Whitney to Aquilla, then you would have to assume that the Golden Algae problem would flow on down with it.

And, did we mention the drought?   We happened to be over in Granbury this past week.  The lake is LOW.  Only one public ramp is open or at least that was the information we got.  Whitney is low.   Why are they building or proposing to build pipelines to pump water from lakes that are very low into other lakes…. who is thinking this stuff up?

So, the unanswered questions are:

1)  Is Granbury polluted by sewage from lake homes and, if so, how badly?

2)  Does the Brazos river from Granbury to Whitney remove this pollution naturally?

3)  Is any pollution reaching Whitney which would impact it or the fish in it?

4) What about Aquilla?   What is the status of the pipeline project from Whitney to Aquilla?   Will the Golden Algae problem move on to Aquilla?  Will the salt water from Whitney impact the drinking water that is pumped back up to Cleburne?  Is the alleged pollution in Granbury an issue for Aquilla too?

5) Who is in charge of this proposed pipeline project?  What are they thinking?  Is there enough water in Whitney to support pumping water out to Aqulla during a drought.  Isn’t Aquilla doing better during the drought than Whitney?

Lots of questions.  Don’t really know who is supposed to answer those questions either.  Is it the Brazos River Authority?  Is it the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality?  The Texas Water Development Board?  The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department?   I don’t know.  I hope someone with some insight into these issues will give us some comments on the water issues surrounding Granbury, Whitney and Aquilla.

Maybe they will comment on this post or they will email me at armadilla@whitney-lake.com…. maybe.

I guess that is what friends are for… to start you thinking!   In the mean time, he says he is cleaning up on those blue cat in Aquilla.  Aquilla is about 4 or 5 feet down he says and the ramp at Dairy Hill is still good.