No, I didn’t catch that one today…  I just wish I had.  I was just teasing you.

Well, we were on the lake again today….   what a great day to be on the water…

It was about 45°  w hen we launched at 9:00 a.m. from Lofers Bend East.   The water in the lower part of the lake is relatively clear.  The water temperature was around 47°.  The water warmed just a little throughout the day, but never got above 50°.  The air temp got above 50° and we had to shed some of the jackets and such.  We also went up to the mid lake area.  The water was more stained up there.  Just the opposite of what the water color was last week… stained on the lower end and more clear up in the McCown area.  The lake appears to have come up a bit since last week… I am measuring that by where the water was on the ramp and some of the structure we fish.  However, the Texas Water Development Board Web page says the lake is down about 15 feet and 7 inches; an inch lower than last week.  There was a light breeze today.. I mean really light, maybe 2 or 3 mph when we launched.  It picked up a bit around noon thirty, but not much.   Ordinarily, a slight chop on the water would have been a good thing.  Skies were blue bird and cloudless most of the morning.  A cold front blew through right at noon… you could see the clouds building to the northwest, and then they came right on down the lake… the wind might have picked up to 5 or 6 mph, but it wasn’t bad.  By the time we got back down to the lower lake, the front had passed.  The clouds disappeared and it was warming back up.  I wish we had stayed, I think those old bass would have got up on those rocks again.

What was not good was that we didn’t catch any fish.   We did loose two up near Bee Cove…. two good fish.  The Boss hung one up close to the bank, but it picked up her worm and ran right to the boat, she just couldn’t catch up to it to get a good hook set.   I hung mine out deep in about 15 to 20 feet of water.  It was a huge bump and then it took off… I set the hook and pulled it few feet and then it went around some kind of structure and hung up the line.  I could feel it pulling for a while, but then it quit, apparently it broke the line.

We had planned to stay the afternoon and fish the rocks and humps when the sun warmed things up.  But the little cold front fooled us.  When it clouded up and the wind started to pick up a little we decided to head back down the lake.

There was only one rig on the ramp when we got there at 9 and only 3 or 4 when we left at 1:30 p.m.   We mostly had the lake to ourselves.  I think the other folks were striper and white fishing.  We did try those today too… but that’s all we did was try them.  We couldn’t get a bite from them.  We marked a lot of fish and bait fish out in the river channel down around 20 to 30 feet.  Shoot, I even tried Mike Costa’s dead sticking stuff… and boy I really must have done a good job because those fish were dead.   Not one bite from a white or a striper.

Early on, we fished the rocks on the south shore all the way from the ramp to the dam itself.  We threw crank baits, spoons, and soft plastics.  I don’t think we had one bite down at that end of the lake.  I thought that if Bill Wilcox could catch fish along the rip-rap by the dam on Eagle Mountain Lake, I could surely catch some good fish on Whitney.  I think I threw the exact same diver that I saw him fishing with on the Saturday show…. but it didn’t do any good for us.  I think the water is too shallow now along the rip-rap.  But, it didn’t do any good along the rocks at Lofers Bend either.  In fact, the crank bait didn’t do any good anywhere we fished on the lake today.

I will tell you that I got a new Hummingbird 597 about Thanksgiving.  I like the color.  My old finders had been the basic black and white.  And the old Garmen I replaced only had a basic shore outline map in it.  But, this new one has a Navionics map chip in it and it is great.   I can go up the lake now without a worry. Even though the river channel runs around, it is wide enough that I can stay in it while on speed.  That mapping is just amazing.   There is no mystery about the old Towash Mill now… you can go right to it using the map.  And, I am not running up on those humps that are 4 or 5 feet under water out in the middle of the lake now.  I wish I had made that $150 investment in a map chip a long time ago.  If I ever get a side imaging or a down imaging fish finder, I might say the same thing about it too, but as my Dad used to say… “Wish in one hand, spit in the other… see which one fills up the fastest.”

Well, we didn’t catch a fish today.  But nothing beats being on the lake.  It was a great day and it was good to get out of the house.

Hit the lake if you get the chance… any lake… just go fishing!