That’s fishing, not C-A-T-C-H-I-N-G….

We have fished and fished without much luck lately.  Just don’t understand it because we usually do pretty well if not really well in the winter.  I was hoping to break the 10 lb mark this winter.  But, it ain’t happening.

I can list the lures that have not worked for us:

T-rigs with 10 inch worms or 6 inch worms in various colors

C- rigs with stick worms and small ring frys


Square-Billed Crank baits

Swim baits


Spinner Baits

Top water Baits

We have fished shallow in the brush.  We have fished shallow points and deep points.  We have fished grassy flats.  We have fished humps and deep ledges.  We have fished creek channels.  We are not marking any concentrations of fish anywhere.  We have concentrated on the mid-lake area where we have caught fish in the past.

We are not seeing a lot of birds working.  We even tried the whites a while yesterday.  We found a few out in the river channel along the ledges around 20 to 30 feet down.  But, we had no takers.

Its a puzzle.

The lake is continuing to rise.  It is currently at 527.76 feet or about 5 feet 3 inches low.  Mid-lake the water clarity is still improving but not great.  We could see white lures down about 1 foot to 18 inches depending upon the location, though there were still some spots where visiblity was about zero.   By the way, white as a color is not working.  The water temp yesterday afternoon was about 52 to 55 degrees depending upon location.   Winds were light yesterday… the lake was calm.

Eventually, it will turn on or we will find fish.  I think one issue is that we like to fish spots where we have caught fish before and the fish are just not in those locations.

By the way… do you remember that stump you hung that jig or worm on… well we found it….  You can’t see all the mono-filament in this picture, but this stump is a spider web of line….   amazing.

If you have a fishing report, you would like to share, just put it in the comments or email it to me.