Another great Friday….  We love fishing during the week….  few other folks out on the lake.

The weatherman (I want to be one in my next life…  handsome, be a TV star, make lots of money in my job while being wrong a lot) said it was going to rain most of the day… scattered showers.  We sat around most of the morning… it was cloudy and relatively calm though the weather reports had the wind at around 9 to 10.   We should take the Willie Nelson version of weather reporting to heart… want to know what it is doing outside?  Look out the window.

We had lunch and I walked outside one more time to find sunshine breaking through and a calm wind.  I couldn’t stand it any more and we hurriedly loaded up.  As we rolled toward Rio Vista, it started sprinkling rain some and that continued for a ways past Blum…   But, we stayed positive.

When we got to the ramp, we found three other rigs there and could see two boats, white and striper fishing over toward Cedron Creek.  The lake was calm.  The weather was cloudy and it was about 55° to 60°.    We launched around 1:30 p.m.   The main lake is still clearing up… a little better, maybe visibility is a foot in the mid-lake area, still very stained.  But, in the creeks the water remains murky and trashy as the lake continues to slowly rise.  According to the Texas Water Development Board web site the lake stands at 528.11 or just 4 foot 11 inches down.   The water temperature was a consistent 54° everywhere we fished.   All the floating logs seemed to have disappeared in the mid-lake area and the water is high enough now that there is no danger of running over any submerged islands, humps or points.   Boat hazards are at a minimum in the lower lake area now…. or at least back to the normal that we are accustomed to.

We fished some main lake points and ledges, some secondary points, ledges and flats in the bigger creeks with no luck.  Not a single bite or tap.  We fished with C-Rig, T-Rig, rattle traps, and Spro Cranks.   We fished some grassy flats with rattle traps and spros.  Just could not get anything to bite anywhere.  We did mark much larger schools of suspended fish in some of the mouths of the bigger creek channels.  More fish than we have seen recently.  It was a good sign, but we could not get them to bite either.  They were hanging with large schools of bait fish.   We tried some slabs and rattle traps on them as well, but did not get any bites.  Not sure what they were, could have been black bass, whites, or stripers… or who knows.  At any rate, the fish didn’t hit anything we dropped on them.  They were down around 20 to 30 feet suspended.  And we did find a number of fish on the up river/creek side of some major humps hanging along the edges of the humps and ledges.

We fished until 5 p.m.  It remained cloudy all afternoon, but we fortunately had no rain.  We saw one other bass boat and we visited with two fellows who had been white / striper fishing on the ramp.  They had no luck with the whites and stripers either.  One guy said simply “Nothing to talk about.”  He wasn’t a happy camper.

We are puzzled as to why the last little strip of highway hasn’t been paved south of Blum.  There is about a mile or so strip (the south bound side) of the road going out of Blum that has not been paved.  They were paving two weeks ago and completed the rest of the two mile stretch, but that last little bit has sat there and not been done.    Who knows.  Anyway, its not that bad, the road is good; they are just widening it to include paving the shoulders.  But, it will be nice when they get around to it.

Raining today, but tomorrow looks like it will be a great fishing day based upon the weather reports…  well, if you believe them.

We did get to get up this morning watch old Bill Wilcox chunk an Alabama Rig on TV….  that was somewhat interesting.   I don’t think we have any gear that will cast those things and we don’t have any room in the boat for any more rods and reels.