Another great day on the lake.. another non-productive day… zero, nadda, zip..  a water haul.

We launched this morning around 8:30 a.m.  The temperature was about 60° when we arrived.  There was almost no wind.   The water temperature was about 56° and it stayed that way until we left around 1 p.m.   The wind did get up a little, but never more than 7 or 8 mph.  That happened about 11 a.m. but it died down as quickly as the little front passed through.    The water on the main body of the lake is in much better shape than it was on Sunday.  It is not muddy, but is stained, or very stained.  You can see your lure down a foot or two, as compared to not at all on Sunday.  The ramp at McCown remains in great shape.  Maybe we will catch a spare day and or a windy day and check all the ramps, but I think most are good to go.  The water remains trashy and muddy back up in the creeks.  The lake is still rising.  On Sunday, I think it was down 6 feet 7 inches and today it was down only 5 feet 10 inches…  a nine inch improvement.  More rain is supposed to be on the way this weekend.  I am all for it.  Maybe I can’t catch fish with the water rising like this, but it will only take a couple of weeks for the lake to settle down and then we will be ready for spring and some good fishing.

We fished bluffs, points, flats on points, drop-offs, grassy flats, the rip-rap at the bridge, creek channels…  Only the Boss had a bite and it came on a deep bluff and it was just a tap-tap, then nothing.  We fished C-Rig, T-Rig, square-billed crank baits, top-water, swim bait, rattle-trap, and spinner bait.  The Boss would fish one thing, me something else… we just could not get a bite.  The Boss’s one bite came on a T-Rig.  Just a rough day.  As I said, some of the water we fished, especially in the creeks, was muddy.  On the main body of the lake, it was in much better shape and just stained.

There were a few scattered gulls diving, but no large concentration of birds.  The cows were feeding on the way down and on the way back… but we didn’t find any fish feeding.  We did mark, as we did Sunday, some fish around large balls of bait fish in the deeper creek channels.  But, even then, there was no large number of fish.. only one or two hanging with the bait fish.

As for an update on the road from Cleburne down to Whitney, the road crews are paving the two miles between Blum and the big creek bridge to the south of Blum.  My guess is that they will wind that up by the weekend.  The road is in as good a shape as I can remember over the last 10 years or so.  Its an easy drive.  Right now, though, they have flagmen working that last two miles and it is one lane while the other lane is being paved.

But, it was great to be on the water.  What I know is that eventually, we will stumble across the pattern and we will find some fish..  though it may be March or April before we do.  As I said in an earlier post, this is the worst winter we have had for catching bass.  Usually, we do really well in the winter.  But then again, the water is usually at its normal level and stable.   So, we keep trying.

In the mean time, we called up the Pit Stop when we came off the lake and they had a terriffic hamburger basket ready when we got there.  Great Burgers and the timing from the ramp is right on… they are hot off the grill when we walk in.