Another day on Whitney….  a beautiful day and the lake was great!  No, I didn’t catch that 7 pounder this morning… that was last September 7.  Those were the days as Archie and Edith Bunker would sing!

We got up a little later this morning… actually an hour later… over slept again dang it!

We were on the lake at 7:30 a.m.  Missed an hour of fishing.   It was cloudy this morning with a light wind… probably around 5 mph.  We launched at Cedron Creek Park again.  One other rig was on the ramp and it was only one of two we saw on the lake today.  The air temperature was around 65° and the water temperature was 72°.   The water seemed even more clear than it was yesterday.  In fact, it was amazingly clear, especially after the sun came out.  The lake has dropped 1/100 of a foot since yesterday according to the Texas Water Development Board.  It 532.92; right at the 533 normal pool level.

As with yesterday, we saw no gulls working and only one or two cranes sitting near the bank.  No fish finders working any where.

We fished the spots that we caught fish yesterday and had bites.  Today though, we had no bites… zero, none, nadda, nothing.    We fished T-rigs, C-rigs, lip-less crank baits, shallow diving crank baits, spooks, spoons, spinner baits, frogs, and more.   We fished worms and sweet beavers.   Just nothing.

We saw a lot of gar active… apparently spawning… and lots of carp stacked on windy points…  as in the 10s of fish in a bunch.

We fished shallow points, grassy points, grassy flats, deep points, ledges, drop offs and shallow coves.  We just did not find any bass.

We did note that the other boat we saw was fishing spots that we have fished before…  16 feet of water, stumpy hump off-shore.  But, we can’t say that he caught anything…. at least we did not see him catch anything…  he was a half mile or so away from us and we were not really monitoring what he was doing other than to note where he was fishing.

We just haven’t found the fish and they are not where we have caught fish before at this time of the year… or if they are, we are not marking them on our fish finder and they are not hitting what we are throwing.

All I know to do is to keep on keeping on…  As I have said before, I think it is just a matter of numbers… if we keep going we will eventually get lucky.