We were wishin’ we were fishin’ but we got BEER, BAIT AND AMMO instead…..

Man, it was great day yesterday… light winds, partly cloudy, and in the low 70’s.  Whitney has been stable for a while now and the lake has been clearing.  Fishing should be getting much better.  The Bohemian Bass Classic is this coming weekend and I think the timing couldn’t be better. For the weekend, temperatures are projected to be in the 80’s, and it is supposed to be partly cloudy with the wind around 10 mph, good conditions.  The only other metric that is a potential downer is the moon phase.  The listed “best time” of the day is 7 pm to 9:30 pm…  but, who knows how that goes, we all have to fish when we can.

And, today and tomorrow also look to be great days.   Similar conditions, partly cloudy with light winds.  The prime times are listed at around 3 pm to 5 pm.   Wishin’ we were fishin’!

No word as yet on our boat.  BassPro in south Fort Worth said they would try to let us know something this week.

No boat and no fishing translates to “chores” around the place.   That’s OK, because we have plenty to do.  Yesterday we did some clean up and cut another dead tree that was a victim of the drought.

After a good nap, we headed off to a Randy Rogers benefit concert for Cleburne’s Children’s Advocacy Center.  Randy is a Cleburne native and graduate of CHS.   One of the many stories that were told last night was one by Randy about never dreaming that he would one day be giving a concert on the greens at the Cleburne Country Club..   What a line up it was.  Just amazing.

We had Deryl Dodd, we had Sonny Burgess, We had Kevin Fowler…  We had Casey Donahew, Bobby Duncan, Austin Allsup, Jamie Wilson, Jason Eady, Bo Phillips, Steve Helms, Ryan Beaver, Kyle Bennett, Phil Hamilton, Heather Robers, and Jimmy Jones. And of course RANDY ROGERS who was awesome.

What better way to end a day of “not fishin” than a concert on the shores of Lake Pat Cleburne… that is on the greens at the Cleburne Country Club golf course on the shores of Lake Pat.   Man, was a great time… it was cool, partly cloudy, no mosquitoes, and some fantastic music…. and humor.  The performers played in sets of 3 or 4 and played along and sang along with one another… a real jam session.  A number of funny stories were told and the guys all had fun “helping” one another out on songs….

There were lots of sing along songs…  a version of “Red Solo Cup”…. but called the “White Dixie Cup” performed by Bo Phillips from Oklahoma… but, obviously not a Toby Keith fan… But a very funny guy and great singer and guitar player…. in fact, all those guys could play… just amazing.  My favorite sing along was “BEER, BAIT, AND AMMO” by Kevin Fowler… followed by “PEARL SNAPS” by Deryl Dodd…  Deryl got the crowd up and dancing… he put some life into the party… he reminded me of Willie Nelson…. he just enjoyed singing and being out there.  Fowler also did “DON’T TOUCH MY WILLIE”…. he said that he had run out of “family songs” to sing.  Kevin was a real hoot… he drove himself to the show in a faded red Ford 4X4 pickup… came right on into the parking lot and gets out with his guitar….  we were going “Who is this redneck?”  Too funny….

Later Kevin wanted to know if any of those guys had ever performed for a sober crowd???  I guess we wern’t rowdy enough for them.   The Boss understood where he was coming from because she felt like she was the only one singing along and screaming for them……  But, hey I am used to the Boss carryin’ on when she is excited so it wasn’t a big deal to me.

Here are some photos from last night…  I hope we get the names right…

Heather Roberts, Phil Hamilton (in the beard) and Kyle Bennett on the left end.

Phil Hamilton…

Bobby Duncan..

Heather Roberts from Joshua…

Kyle Bennett….

Jimmy Jones….  Has a great voice!

Randy Rogers and officious folks from Cleburne’s Children’s Advocacy Center and Charla Corn of 95.9, The Ranch.

This is Austin Allsup and Jake, his guitar picker…. a very cool team.

And of course, Sonny Burgess… no Cleburne event is complete without him…. and folks did like to sing along with all his hits….

Bo Phillips from Oklahoma… very funny, talented guy….  a real guitar picker.

Steve Helms, Bo Philips, Sonny Burgess, and Austin Allsup and Jake.

Phil Hamilton….

Sonny Burgess…

Some of the crowd…

Having fun…

And more fun on the lake….

Jason Eady….

Deryl Dodd….  one happy dude….  though the Boss said he was one “handsome dude”…..

Ryan Beavers….

Jamie Wilson….

Jason Eady, Jamie Wilson, Ryan Beavers and Deryl Dodd….  a great group that we wish we could have heard a lot more of….

Kevin Fowler, Charla Corn and Randy Rogers….

Casey Donahew, Kevin Fowler and Randy Rogers…..

Kevin Fowler and Randy Rogers…

Kevin Fowler and Randy Rogers….  Randy played the lead guitar on Beer, Bait and Ammo….

Casey Donahew, Kevin Fowler and Randy Rogers….  jaming

Casey Donahew and Kevin Fowler.

Randy Rogers…  a Cleburne native… good stories about growing up in Cleburne and he is giving back.

Kevin Fowler….  wouldn’t take his hand down so the Boss could get his picture… he was tired…  7 days in a row he said.

Casey Donahew….

Casey Donahew….

While the picture are cool… it is really to bad you can’t hear them sing….  what a venue… well worth the $25 price to get in.

Well folks…   All I can tell you is that it wasn’t bass fishing, but it was as good as it can get and not be bass fishing….  some kind of fun.