We were back on the lake yesterday…  Aquilla again.   It was a tough decision.  I have had a spot on Whitney that I want to try, just have not had favorable conditions.  It is on the lower end of the lake, but when the wind is up down there, it can be tough sledding.. um, boating.  And the wind was up some yesterday morning..  I am guessing it was 10 mph or better from the East / Northeast when we launched at around 6:15 a.m.  A little choppy.   But, the real issue was potential thunderstorms.   If we launched at Lofers Bend, we had a little run to make and I didn’t want to be far from the ramp.  We could have launched from McCown, but it would have been the same issue…  a boat ride to where we wanted to fish.  And, we could have fished some different spots and fished out of Cedron Creek ramp, but the wind was supposed to turn around from the South and get a bit stiffer…  don’t like loading with the wind blowing in.  Actually, Aquilla was also a long run, but we ended up going there because we thought we might catch a few fish.  There just weren’t any good choices yesterday.

The air temp was about 80 and so was the water temp.  The water clarity remains about the same in Aquilla.  The water color is a murky Gatorade.  Not bad.  As I said the temperature was about 80° or so.  The water level is 537.42, right at the pool level of 537.50.  It had dropped down about 4 or 5 inches the last time we were out here and it was obvious in the stumps and such that we fish.  Actually, Aquilla is really good when the water is a foot or two above pool and starts to fall pretty quickly.

There were two rigs on the ramp at Dairy Hill when we launched and there were 6 when we left at 11 a.m.  It looked like most of the folks were fishing for whites, working the long point in the center of the lake.

Anyway, we fished our usual summer time spots and we ended up with 6 fish.  The Boss had 4 and I got two.  They were all in the 14 inch class… small we didn’t even take any pictures.  But, they were fish and the “thumps” were good.  In the wind, there were no tap-taps…. only “thumps” otherwise we would not have felt them.  All the fish were taken on T-rigs.  We did not see any shad breaking yesterday like we did the previous time we went to Aquilla.

We left around 11 a.m.  The wind had actually died down to 4 or 5 mph and the conditions seemed to be improving, BUT the trolling motor started acting up.  By the time we got back to Cleburne, it was threatening to rain and it did start to come down shortly after we got the boat in the garage and unloaded.

I checked out the trolling motor and it had water in the lower unit… shorting out.  Arrrrrggggh!  This has been a rough year.  In April, the steering went out with a leak… $615 and in the shop for two weeks.  Then in May, a bearing went out in a compressor on the engine, $1200 and in the shop for 3 weeks.  Now the trolling motor.  Fortunately, this time, I have a spare, one that had broke back in 2010 and took 3 months to repair. Anyway, I got the spare installed yesterday afternoon.  The trolling motor I pulled off had been bought in 2010 and is still under warranty.  I took it over to Fort Worth to Boris Marine and they said they would fix me right up, a new lower unit on the trolling motor.   I was very happy that it was still under warranty, it had cost me about $650 to have it fixed back in 2010.   What is that saying about boats… a fiberglass hole in the water you throw money into….   Yep… that’s right.

We are not on the lake today… more rain and thunderstoms… but, that is a good thing.  We need the rain.