Well, the Boss was up at 4 a.m. this morning….  raring to go fishing… AND, she wasn’t going to be late.  She got those sausage bicuits made and the coffee in the travel cups and we were rolling down the road by 4:30 a.m for the one hour drive to Aquilla.  It was just barely coming light when we got there.. the false dawn.   There were already two boats in the water when we got there.

We could see somewhat by the time the boat was in the water..   As usual, we had something happen… the running / navigation lights wouldn’t come on at first and then they wouldn’t stay on.  We dorked with that for a few minutes and then decided it was “light enough.”   The Boss put her head light on and turned it to the “Red” color and we headed out.. actually, the depth finder light was so bright I could hardly see over it.   But, we crused slowly around to our fishing spot.

There wasn’t any change in conditions since yesterday other than it was hotter.  The air temperature was about 75°, but the water temperature was already above 80°.

Yesterday morning an old guy told us he had “tore them up” before we got there, we wanted to make sure we got there by daylight today.   About 6:05 the fish started breaking.   I think they were breaking over most of the lake.  White bass for the most part, but in the flat we were in, it was black bass.   The schooling activity lasted until about 6:30.   The Boss caught 5 on a Pop-R.  I tried a walking bait and they ignored it.  Then I got out a Pop-R that I believe was a little smaller than hers…  Nothing, nadda, zero, zip!  Terrible!   Finally, I caught one on T-Rig around 7 a.m. So there you have it.. the Boss all but skunked me.  I worked hard for my one little fish.

We had the area to ourselves today.  No complaining about other folks messing up the water and such.  There was another guy about 200 yards away and he found some schooling fish.  He was on the edge of the flat near the channel.   He boated a lot of fish while the action was hot between 6 and 7 a.m.   I couldn’t really tell if he was catching whites or blacks… all I know is that every time I looked up he was boating a fish or taking one off the hook.  A fun day for him and the Boss.

I wanted to take some pictures, but the Boss didn’t want to stop while the action was going… actually neither did I because I was getting my behind kicked.  Then later on the action just stopped and it never picked up, even on the T-Rigs like it did yesterday.  And, it got much hotter than it did yesterday.   We gave it up at 9:00.  It was just too hot and there were no bites.

There were not as many folks at the lake this morning.  I only counted 16 at the Dairy Hill ramp and I saw a number of others coming from the Old School ramp.  But there were not the numbers that were there yesterday.   Both days I saw boats working the white bass breaking out in the lake.   I am thinking that a lot of folks caught fish….

I love to fish in Lake Whitney, but when it is not producing, I would just as soon go to Aquilla.