It is good to be alive….  and life is good.

We fished most of the day yesterday…. 8:30 a.m. until 2 p.m.  That is a long day for us.   And, we caught fish… not any big ones, but 9 keepers and we lost or missed that many more…..

It was one of those “blue sky” days… almost calm…   It started out around 45° and was about 65° when we came off the water… very nice.

Some interesting things were that it was a full moon (or nearly).   It was also the first day after a major cold front…  The prime time yesterday was 11:30  p.m until midnight and the minor was 11:30 a.m until 2:30 p.m.    Usually, this means fishing will be tough…  it wasn’t so….  fish bit from the time we got there until we left and the bites were pretty even though out the day.  Just goes to show, you can’t always believe those moon phase calendars…  besides, you go when you can go…

We also didn’t turn on the GPS mapping once.. and for that matter, we didn’t use the fish-finders much even though they were on…. We just fished our spots.

The fish were relating to wood and rock piles in about 6 to 10 feet of water…  They were not real shallow yesterday.  I think the cooler water pushed them down a little.  The water temperature last week was around 70° and yesterday it had dropped to around 65° or so.

While we saw an Osprey working some shallow water and a number of blue herons, we did not see any gulls working and we did not see any of the schools of small bait fish like we have been seeing the last few weeks.

On days like yesterday, with the water as clear as it is in the mid-lake area, you could stand up in the boat (most guys do anyway) and see the rock and stump structure under the water in most cases …  especially in places where the water was 3 feet or less deep.   But, most of those spots did not turn up any fish…  they were a bit further out…. same general locations just deeper.

And, it is great to make a fishing trip when there are no “mechanical problems.”   The pickup ran well… no issues, the boat ran well… no issues.. and we didn’t have any tackle issues…. I don’t think I even broke off a hook yesterday.

Speaking of breaking off hooks…. I think we have got that “popping”  or snapping the line down pat now… It works 90% of the time and usually we don’t even have to troll over to get the hang up undone…. and if that doesn’t work, then the just jiggling a limp line, or worst case, pulling the line straight to you seems to get most of the hangups undone….     Or maybe it is just that we have learned where all the hang ups are and are successful in avoiding them….. NOT!

And, we love the wild life down there…  seeing the big buck deer swimming in the water yesterday was a huge thrill….   He was big, but not quite as big as the one we saw up in McCown Valley Park…. that one had a huge rack.   The ospreys are also very cool… It is amazing to watch them dive on fish …  They must come from 200 or so feet up and they hit the water like a anvil…  and then to see them come with a fish in their talons… very, very cool….     There is always some kind of wild life around… we have seen fox, mink, snakes, … you name it.

Hey, you know we are retired…   we love fishing during the week and hate it on the weekends….  we really love the peaceful fishing without all the boat waves that come with the weekend crowds…  now I like the tournament fishermen, BUT… I just like fishing quietly better which I guess is one of the reasons we don’t fish tournaments….  another reason is that we aren’t that good….    Our style is to go and sit in specific spots and not run all over the lake….  gasoline is to expensive to be boat riding rather than fishing…  We love those calm days when the lake is smooth … no rocking of the boat for us old folks.

The good thing about Whitney is that you can go to most any ramp and withing a 1/2 mile find dozens of great “locations” or “spots” to fish…  If they are biting, it is not hard to get a mess of fish.

Speaking of the gulls….  I don’t know for sure since we don’t fish for them, that is target them, but we haven’t been seeing the stripers and white bass like we have in the past.   Normally, if we are fishing crank baits like Rattle Traps or Spros we will pick up some whites and an occasional striper when we are fishing main lake points for black bass….  but, it has been since fall of last year since we have had this happen.

By the way, that Nitro is a great fishing boat…  we really enjoy ours.   It may not be the fastest boat on the lake, but it sure is comfortable to fish out of and it has everything we want in a boat.    We have been very happy with it.   Of course we have had issues… the engine has had a short block replacement and we have had things like a “compressor” to fail that have cost us a chunk of change, but I guess stuff like that happens.  It is hard to believe that we have had it 5 or 6 years now…  It still feels “new”…  especially when we look back at the pictures of our old blue 1998 Nitro.   That was a good boat too, but I felt like at 18′ it was a bit small for some days on Whitney….  Whitney can get up and ugly in a hurry and the bigger boat sure rides the waves better and that 200 gets us right on back to the ramp in a hurry if we want.

Well… how about this… an article without any pictures…    I just thought I would see what it was like to do it.