We are more than ready to get on the lake.  Haven’t been down many times since before Christmas…. well a couple, but not like the two or three trips a week we like to make.

It has been cold.  It has been windy.  We have had “stuff” to do.  Just haven’t been fishing.   We have seen the lureguy up at the Cowboy Church and he said he and his partner have been making some trips and caught a few fish.  And we ran into some local guys down at the Elks Diner in Burleson who follow our blog and they said they had been catching some fish as well.  What I haven’t seen is any reports of recent catches at Whitney or Aquilla on the Texas Fishing Forum.   If the “weather-liars” are correct (and they may or may not be) we are going to try to make it down to Whitney tomorrow morning.   Would like to go today, but it is still a bit breezy with it being in the 40’s.  The wind chill would be a bit brisk today.

We have washed the boat and greased the wheel bearings.  I have one trailer tire that needs replacing and need to pull one wheel and give it a better check.  But, otherwise, the boat and trailer are ready to go.  When we pulled the boat out and washed it, I took it on down to the Mobile station and filled it up.  A $100 bill for the gas.  Also made a trip to Academy and bought a couple of gallons of motor oil and Quicklean gas treatment.  So we are set for a while.  Also picked up a few packages of our favorite worms…  usually Academy is barren on the color we like….  so we got them while we could.


No, that is not a recent picture, it is from October.  But, we are hoping that is what things will look like tomorrow.  The Corps of Engineers Reservoir Control Office’s report of Texas Lake Levels and Release information says that Whitney is at 524.47 feet, that is about 8 and half feet low, up about 6 inches since we were down last time.   The Texas Water Development Board has changed up their web site… not for the better in our opinion.  It used to be that there was a table that gave all the daily history of water levels back for as much as you would want… but not now.  This is the link to their new web page.  One thing though, their data now agrees with that of the Corps of Engineers.    http://www.waterdatafortexas.org/reservoirs/individual/whitney   .

Well, not much else to say other than we have just been remiss in making our usual winter trips to Whitney.  Just a bunch of excuses:  We don’t like the cold as much now that we are older, its been too windy, we are too busy…  on and on.  But, February and March are coming… then the real spring time.   Of course we will have to work around the winds that are always an issue in the March to April time frame…. but, there will be days when we can get on the water.

Maybe we will see you out there some time this year.  We do want to thank all those folks that continue to read the blog… it is amazing.  While most of our readers are in Texas, we have folks from all over the country and actually all over the world that read our blog on a regular basis.  Sometimes we get really curious why someone in Missouri, New York City, or Michigan, etc read our blog on a regular basis….   Frankly, it is a puzzle to us…  a conundrum if you will… The top states, other than Texas, are New York, Illinois, and Missouri.  But, hey we appreciate the interest… If you are one of those guys… We would like to hear from you….  like the person in Florissant, Missouri…  Glad you enjoy the blog.

Have a great day….