I guess a lot of folks are thinking “Super Sunday” means Super Bowl Sunday… N-O-T

It means that it was “super” outside today…  What a day for a February day… remember Super Bowl Sunday two years ago…  Ice on top of Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas….

Not so today… 60s temperature, blue skies, light winds…  what a day to be on the lake.  The lake is about 8 1/2 feet low, the water temperature is about 5 degrees warmer than it was last week at this time….  The water temperature was 55° today.   Water clarity was great this afternoon.   The ramp at McCowan is in great shape.  The sliding boat dock is in perfect position.   Two lanes of the ramp are open.

How about this shot of the Katy Bridge across Lake Whitney?  Is this great or what?

We didn’t get on the lake until around 12:30 p.m. today.  We were off the lake at 3:30.  We would have stayed longer, but the wind was staying around 10 mph and we couldn’t fish the locations where we have been catching fish.

We gave some of yesterday’s spots a shot, but it was just too much wind to fish with T-Rigs.   We took it easy and drifted down the shore line along the south side of the lake, north of the Katy Bridge.   There are rock slides occasionally along there that sometimes hold fish.   It was a tough row today.. not many bites.  The Boss did pick up this 2 pounder though.

It was a point fish….  those are pretty bare points… not much structure…

There are lots of birds on the lake now..  we saw many gulls yesterday and they were working today.  We saw two boats fishing for sand bass / whites under diving gulls.   And the ducks are doing their thing as well…

This was a shot of a pair taking in some sunshine on a log in one of the coves.

I had one big bite on a point…  a very good fish, but I never saw him… the second I set the hook, it departed for deeper water and never looked back… The drag was singing, but he just pulled loose.   The Boss knew when I set the hook and the fish took off and bowed the rod down into the water next to the boat she needed to get the net… but it was gone before she could get the net out.

We had a great day on the lake…. the drift fishing was terrific.  Easy living fishing.   We just were not fishing where we wanted.  But, hey, I am not complaining… any day fishing is a great day… all the blue skies and warmth in February is  a huge bonus.

I think bass fishing is going to be great this year….