The Bass Boat Blues… I need to write that song… I sure do have the blues today…

The boat was in the shop most of last week… went by and checked on it last Friday and BP said it would be this week sometime. Mike called yesterday… His report was that the “beeping” was an oil flow problem.. float in the oil tank which has to be replaced, and that I need new fuel lines… The Gov’ment’s ETHANOL has been eating up the fuel lines and creating issues in the fuel system.. and, the boat needs servicing…. some 375 plus hours on it… I thought it was just getting broke in.. Mike thought that was funny…. Actually, the only thing getting “broke” in is me… broker by the day.

I got up early this morning, made the coffee, said hello to the dogs and took the garbage down to the road… sky was clear, about 50° and a light wind… looks like our kind of spring day… great for fishing… I was ready to drive down to BP and rip the fence down and hook up the boat…. The Boss and I need some time on the water… we need to feel that tap-tap and the big surge of a fish when we set the hook… that mighty jump a bass makes when it gets mad at the world… You know what I am talking about…. We need to see the ducks, the pelicans, the gulls, the deer… all that stuff…

I need one like this 7 pounder from yesteryear ….

7 lber

And then, to make matters worse, I come in and check my email…. Justin, from the West Bass Club, sends me this tid-bit..

My dad and I fished the West Bass Club on Sunday and man they killed them. I think 22 teams competed, we weighed 15 lbs and i don’t think we made the top half.. there were 4 or 5 20+ lb sacks.. and 9.0 lbs won big bass.. from the sound of things, it didn’t matter where you were on the lake .. they were biting everywhere and often.. we just couldn’t get that kicker fish

This weekend on Whitney, the main lake was 54-55 degrees and back in the creaks we found water as warm as 63.. We caught all of our fish in less than 2 foot of water but i think the bigger bags were caught in the staging areas. There was even about a 5 lbs small mouth weighed in.

Yep… He knows how to really make me sing the blues…. I thought about trying to find the West Bass Club’s tournament results for Whitney.. but then that would just make me feel all that much worse.

I think my friend Keith, the lureguy, told me that the Cleburne Bass Club (I believe that’s the one he belongs to) had voted to fish Whitney this coming weekend and Gene with the Burleson Bass Club may have also said that they have a Whitney tournament coming up. Keith told me that he had fished King Creek and some of the bluffs last week and had caught about 10 fish about half of them were 3 to 4 pounds if I recall the story correctly.. he didn’t visit long.. he had to run to catch up with his bride.

All I know is that I am ready… ready to get back out there on the water… I am hoping that the boat and trailer are set for a while… the last few months has taken a toll on the pocket book.. Hmmm, I forgot to mention that a buddy of mine in Alabama is sending me his “old” Lowrance color fish finder with GPS.. It seems that he was able to convince his wife that he needed to invest in a 9 inch Lowrance with 360 imaging… He told her something like.. “You know bigger is much better.” All I know is he wants me to send him some green for his old one… a nice 5 inch finder that I can just put up on the front of the boat… I need that GPS to find “MY” rocks and stumps… I told The Boss that it was a great deal, that all I had to do was just unscrew the old one and put the new one on.. nothing else… I am going to try and save up that $100 so that by the end of April I can get my buddy to ship it to me.. Oh yeah, he says I will need to pay for shipping too…