Well, after seeing the results of the 2 of Us Couples tournament, we could hardly wait to get back on the lake…. well, almost. It was pretty cool yesterday morning, in the low 40s so we opted not to get in a hurry to get to the lake.

We were on the ramp at McCown and had the boat in the water at 11 a.m. The sky was blue-bird clear. The temperature had reached near 50° but we still opted for our full winter gear as the wind was about 10 mph and added a pretty good wind chill. The lake level was 524.20 or 8 feet 9 1/2 inches low. The rains that came on Saturday night didn’t do a thing to change the water level in Whitney. The water clarity remains about the same… relatively clear for Whitney. The water temperature was 55° to 58° depending on where you were. It is getting close to that magic 60° when the bass are really supposed to turn on. But, we really do need the water before summer gets here or we will be looking at levels like last year and limited lake access.

There were 3 other rigs in the parking lot when we arrived at McCown.

We made the run down to Juniper Cove and just as we got there, we had a beeping alarm from the engine… that dreaded “beeping” alarm. Since we were there we fished some of our favorite ledges and flats… but to no avail. Neither of us were ever sure that we had a bite. I fished only a T-Rig. The Boss fished a T-Rig and a crank bait. We stopped and ate lunch about 12:30. Then we thought we would make a run down the lake to Cedron Creek and fish there some. We cranked up and started up the lake when the dreaded beep-beep came back. We slowed and the alarm went away. We eased on back to McCown and just as we got to the ramp the alarm came back. We loaded up for the trip back home. We weren’t catching any fish, the wind was a bit bothersome and had picked up and then there was the engine alarms… just too much. We were off the water at 1 p.m. A couple of more rigs had shown up and there were a total of 5 other rigs on the ramp when we left. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed our time on the water… on the lake is always good.

We came on home, unloaded the boat and took it up to Bass Pro in South Fort Worth to have it service. Might as well get it working right before we really get into this spring fishing full force… hopefully it is a minor issue. We visited with Gene at the boat shop and he thought the issue might be our starter battery not being up to par. He had had a similar problem with his Merc 225 and the battery had fixed him up. But, he recommended that we leave the boat and let a tech check it out just to make sure…. and that’s where we are… waiting on the boat and hoping that the damages are minimal.

We will add this little bit of info. This is Spring Break time in Texas. There were some campers in the park..and on the lake. more than usual. You might want to note that there are some of these folks who are not “regulars” to the lake and the boat ramp. We had two boats tied to the sliding dock when we got back and they had the middle lane of the ramp blocked (the dock takes up one lane). That left only the up-lake side of the ramp to get the trailer in. There was lots of sand and gravel on that lane of the ramp (we normally used the center lane). We had a little trouble getting the trailer out with the boat. There was lots of spinning of tires, rocking the truck and trailer, but we finally made it. Just saying… watch that outside lane at McCown… AND, if you are visitor to the park and lake, give some consideration to other folks and don’t go off and leave your boat tied to the dock for extended periods of time… other folks may want to use the dock as well.