George Roberts, President of the Burleson Bass Club, sent us the results from Sunday’s Burleson Open….

Big Stringer
1. Bill Morrical 15.02
2. Jay Brunett 14.39
3. Johnny Matthews 13.41
4. James Findley 13.31
5. E.K. Watts 12.54
6. Gary Hollars 12.25

Big Bass
1. Bill Morrical 7.33
2. Stan Foreman 6.43
3. James Findley 6.42

Ladies Big Bass
1. Jami Polson 4.45

I didn’t get a name on the Jr. winner He had 3 fish 7.61lbs

Thanks to all who fished our event. Lots of fish at the weigh in. I think everyone caught a few. Congrats to the winners. This was an individual tournament with a 3-Fish limit. Whitney is doing well. Contact us if interested in joining the Burleson Bass Club. We fish a club tournament in two weeks.

I don’t know what the payouts were, but these folks deserved every penny for getting out there in the winds…. No the lake wasn’t calm as shown in the lead in picture.