We fished yesterday afternoon… it was pretty nice on the lake though a little breezy.

The air temperature in the afternoon was around 70° and the water temperature was about 65 to 68 degrees depending upon where we fished. The lake level was 524.22 or a little over 8 feet 9 1/4 inches low. Actually the lake has been pretty stable around this level. The rains have kept it close, but have not made any impact as far as getting it back to the normal pool stage over the last 5 or 6 months. The water remains slightly stained to relatively clear depending upon where you are fishing.

The McCown ramp is still in good shape and the sliding boat dock is fully functional which we really appreciate. It was partly cloudy to cloudy yesterday with a 10 mph plus wind from the south most of the afternoon.

We fished in Juniper Cove and the area of the lake between Juniper Cove and Steele Creek. I think maybe we had two or three bites. I lost one fair sized fish. He came unbuttoned right under the trolling motor. We pretty much stuck with our T-rigs yesterday. It was a slow day fishing, but a nice day on the lake. It was good to be back out there. We visited with one other couple who were bass fishing. I think the guy said that he had caught a half dozen or so on a square billed crank bait.. He described them as smaller though he said, “you know, three or 4 pounds”… sounded like a pretty good day. He had been further up the lake in Steele Creek and was fishing down the lake.

We also received some email from Jeffery Weis. He sent us these pictures of bass he caught. The first is a picture of two bass he caught in Cedron Creek on 4/1/2013. Jeffery said they caught 20 bass that day.

Jeffery weise King Creek small

The second is a 5 1/2 pounder that was caught on a Rogue in King Creek on 4/8/2013.

Jeffery weis Cedron Creek small

Jeffery says “Whitney far from being the Dead Sea.”

We appreciate Jeffery sending us his bass photos and fishing reports… now we need him to take us on a guided trip…

We will be glad to go when the wind settles down and we can get back on the lake a little more often… and maybe get some top water action going.