It is hump minus 1 (code for Thursday).  The rains that we have had since last weekend seem to have “dissipated” as the weather-guessers say.   We could have fished yesterday, but the wind was close to 10 mph and it was forecast at less than 5 mph this morning so we waited. We are lazy fishermen, and fisher-girls.

It was 6:03 when we rolled through the gates at McCown Valley Park this morning.  We were the first ones on the ramp.  The air temperature was 73° according to the temp gauge on the pickup.   The lake looked like little changed since we were down here last week.  The water at the ramp was still relatively clear and the ramp was still in good shape.  The sliding dock had the water just a few inches below the deck.  The water level on the lake was 522.65 or about 10 feet 4 1/4 inches low.  That is about 4 inches higher than it was last Friday when we came down.  The rains helped some, but not much.  It is going to take a hurricane and some 10 inches of rain to refill the lake.   It was partly cloudy this morning, and the wind was 4 mph according to the Internet weather.  The water temperature at launch was 79°.  That is about 5 degrees colder than last week.  Most notable was the fog and humidity.  The backs of several creeks on the west side of the lake were especially foggy.

Whitney small 2

This photo doesn’t show it much, just take my word for it… foggy.

Sunrise on a cloudy day is always good too.

Whitney small 1

Fishing wasn’t very productive. We tried a few spots up near the bridge without any luck so we went back to Cedar Creek where we had caught fish last week. It was a little tougher today. We only turned up two small fish.

Whitney small 3

Whitney small 4

I caught mine on a spinner bait and The Boss caught hers on a T-Rig.

We fished just about 4 hours, from a little after 6 a.m. until 10 a.m. We had only 4 bites total. We fished buzz bait, hot spot, a deep diving crank bait, spinner bait, top-water and the T-Rig.

There was only one other rig on the ramp when we came in at 10. I think it belonged to a couple of fellows we said hello to on the lake. They stopped by for a short visit while we were stowing stuff away. They advised that they only had one 14 inch fish today, but they were not ready to call it quits quite yet.

Unlike last week, we didn’t see any shad working and no bass feeding anywhere. Also, the birds were not working like they were last week, though we did see a lot of gulls in flight.

We did hear from one of our readers during the week and he advised that his prop had hit a rock at the ramp at McCown last week. We have not had any problem, but we always stick to the middle of the ramp and keep the motor trimmed up when loading and unloading the boat. The sonar shows a hump resulting from the prop wash a little ways out from the ramp. It was about 18 inches underwater last week. We did not check it this week.

Not many fish, but a GREAT day on the lake…just a ripple on the water and not a jet ski in sight or sound.