Well, it is nearly mid July….  and those strange cool days that were here around the 4th are gone…  It is now a genuine Texas summer.

We were on the lake again today.  We have missed some great days, just “stuff” to do… nothing really, just “stuff.”  The Boss made coffee and sausage biscuits and we were on the road by 5 this morning and rolled into McCown Valley Park 3 minutes after 6 a.m.   Not many folks there this morning.  Actually, I can understand it.  Unless you have one of those really nice campers or RVs with a powerful air conditioner, the heat would have been oppressive last night.

Stats for the morning:

  • Partly cloudy
  • Light winds, less than 5 mph going to calm as the morning went by
  • 75° or so at day break
  • The water temperature was about 85°
  • The water was relatively clear
  • The lake level was 522.29 or 10 feet 8 1/2 inches low according to the Texas Water Development Board site.

The McCown ramp was good this morning and the Corps had slid the ramp out again so I didn’t nearly fall in when I stepped into the boat.  We were the first rig there, not counting all the deer that were up early and feeding along the road to the ramp.

We went across the lake and fished Cedron Creek.   Lots of structure being exposed now that the water is falling.  You will want to pay close attention for a number of reasons, the least of which is to ensure that you just don’t take off over there somewhere and run aground, especially in Camp Creek where the humps are beginning to show.

Anyway, I picked up a small fish, a 14 incher, on a top water right off and I thought we were going to be in for a great day.  There were some bass busting some small minnows or shad in the shallow water and one gobbled up my H2O.

Whitney 003 small

I was really hoping that we would get on a bunch of top water action, but it just did not happen.  We tried several of our favorite spots.   I threw a buzz bait, and The Boss threw a Pop-R and her T-Rig, but we came up empty.

We eased on around to Camp Creek and tried to get a little bit out of the south wind (though it wasn’t really all that bad).  We just couldn’t find any fish.  We did notice that folks are still using the Cedron Creek ramp, we got a photo of this guy pulling out his pontoon boat.  It didn’t appear that he had any issue.  And we saw three fellows launch a 16 or 17 foot aluminum boat.  So, I am saying that ramp must still be in good shape.

Whitney 005 small

The wind calmed a bit and I thought maybe we could fish the Bee Cove area, so we ran up there, but the south wind just made it too rough for our comfort.  We went on down to Cedar Creek to get out of the wind.  The first spot we tried wasn’t any better than it had been up in Cedron Creek.  Nothing, nada, zip, zero.  It was getting to be about 9 a.m. and my fishing clothes had become wet from sweat.   I told The Boss we would try one more spot and then head to the house.

At one of our favorite points, I picked up a 3 pound 5 oz bass on a T-Rig.  I had two and The Boss had none.  She wasn’t ready to go.

Whitney 009 small

So, I caved and we fished on a bit more.  We tried some shallow water with some stick-ups.  We were seeing a fish or two turn in the stickups.  I picked up two more pretty quick.  The Boss picked up her first at the same time I had one on.  Hers was a 3 pound 15 oz (she says it was 4 pounds) fish.  I was really beginning to work up a sweat…

Whitney 010 small

We had found a concentration of bass in shallow water.  She lost another one then boated this 3 pound 5 oz bass.

You would think BassPro Shop would give The Boss a new hat.  We were down at the BP Boat Shop in Fort Worth a month or so ago and they told her that they were out of hats…..

It was nearly 10:30 by then and really getting warm.  I hadn’t had any more bites and didn’t like the way things were going.  While I had 4 keeper fish and The Boss only had two, she had boated nearly 8 pound of bass.  I was working up a real sweat just netting her fish.  The Boss was tossing around a new Pop-R my son gave me and hung it in the shallow water on a stickup ….  couldn’t get the boat any where near the lure.  She shucked her shoes and pants and waded over and got it.  She got cooled off and I got hotter.  Finally,  I persuaded her that we needed to hook-em up and head to the house… and the air conditioning in the pickup.

Actually the lake activity had started to pickup about 9 or 9:30 when the jet skis and ski boats began to venture out.  When we got to the ramp there were a couple more ski rigs hitting the lake, but we were able to get loaded pretty quickly.  The temperature gauge on the pickup windshield said it was 92°.. too hot for me.

All in all, it was a great day on the lake.  We had 6 fish that probably totaled 12 or 13 pounds.  We had some great action on one location picking up 5 fish in that area, all on T-Rigs.  Those were not tap-tap bites, they just sucked in the worms and took off.  They were the easy kind.

I don’t know how much longer the ramps will be functional, but right now they are good.  I say “make hay while the sunshines.”