Saw this report on the web this morning…. from News 25, Waco, Killeen and Temple.

Area campgrounds and parks closed due to shutdown

Due to the government shutdown, the Fort Worth District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, announced that all Corps-operated campgrounds and parks will be closed.

Area campgrounds at Lake Waco, Lake Whitney, Aquilla Lake, Stillhouse Hollow Lake, and Lake Belton will be closed until the end of the shutdown

Read the  complete KXXV story here:

As indicated in our post yesterday, we fished  Whitney yesterday morning.   Concerned about the potential shut down, we did not drive on down to the McCown Valley Park because it is manned and we thought it might be shut down due to the government shut down that started yesterday.  Instead we launched at Cedar Creek park which is an unmanned park and we assumed that the Corp would leave these parks open so folks could access the lake.

Well, W-R-O-N-G  C-A-T-F-I-S-H!!!!

Apparently, the government, via the Corps is shutting down all the lake access points controlled by the Corp of Engineers.  I deduced this from the fact that Lake Aquilla was included in thee list of park facilities which was being closed according to the KXXV news story.

You can guess our personal view of this…  it will cost them money to shut down the open access ramps and parks in which there are no personnel stationed at the gates and so fourth.  Those parks and ramps operate on a daily basis every day without the need of Corp staff.

In our opinion the government (as run by the Democrats anyway) operates with personality of a runaway bulldozer.

As far as we know, the ramps that will be officially open to the public are Uncle Gus’ Marina, Harbor Master Marina, Juniper Cove Marina and White Bluff Marina.