Yup, we were on the lake again today….  and it was a great day.  It was cloudy, then foggy, then cloudy again…

The stats for the day were:

  • Air Temperature:  65° at launch
  • Wind: 8 to 10 mph from the South-Southeast
  • Sky: Cloudy and foggy
  • Water temperature: 78°
  • Water Clarity:  Clear
  • Water Level: 521.42 feet above sea level or 11 feet 7 inches below normal pool (the water came up a little following the recent rains.
  • Ramps:  The ramp at Cedar Creek and McCown are open and working.   We are also sure that Lofers’ Bend East, Harbor Master, Walling Bend on Rocky Creek, Juniper Cove, and the Red Bluff Ramp in Steel Creek Park are functional with the water at the current level.  While the ramp at Cedar Creek worked fine for us, I would recommend a visual check before you back your trailer in the water…  just saying.

We launched at Cedar Creek Park this morning around 8 a.m.   We had a nagging concern that the Corp Park at McCown might be closed due to the government shut down and we didn’t want to drive around there and then have to come back.  We did however check on it after we finished fishing and the park was open.  The gate attendant advised that they had not known what to expect either, today was their first day of their 6 month contract for gate operation at McCown.  They also advised that the Lofer’s Bend Park was open as well.  A number of the Corp parks close on October 1 and today was the last day for those… like Cedron Creek Park.

We fished Cedar Creek and the winds didn’t bother us at all.   Even though we arrived late, that is to say 8 a.m., we were the first boat in the park and the only boat on the lake for at least two hours… at least as far as we could see and hear.  It wasn’t foggy when we arrived, but by the time we got the boat in the water,

Foggy in Cedar Creek

We fished top water, some crank bait, T-Rig and C-Rig.   I hung three fish on top water.  The Boss thought she had one bite on a T-rig.  I boated one fish and let two get off.  Don’t understand how they got off, I cannot pick up one of those H2O top water lures without sticking myself with those hooks.  The fish just pulled off.  One looked to be 2 to 2 1/2 pounds.  The second fish that got away was much larger.  A resounding strike, a good hook set and 2 or 3 minutes on the line for the fight.  I never got to see the fish as it stayed deep.  It ran the line around the trolling motor and pulled free before I could get the rod and line freed up.  Pretty frustrating.  The way the fish pulled off drag, I am guessing it was at least 4 to 5 pounds.   A good fish.  The one fish I did boat was small.

Some is better than none….

The Boss got happy with the camera and this is another photo.

It was very comfortable this morning, not too cool and definitely not to hot.  We fished about 3 hours and never left Cedar Creek.

Bottom line is that I forgot all about the LSU loss to Georgia…  and that was a good thing.