As I pass through life, I have become more and more aware that some days are a lot tougher than others…..

Most times I have The Boss to help me through it…  Tonight is one of those times.  I was unable to sleep, just “stuff” on my mind, in particular our grandson Cody.

I get to watch the statics on this web site.  I get to monitor how many times each post and page is read and to see what parts of the world the readers are located.  Maybe boring stuff to folks who like to fish, but interesting to me.   The point of this is, that I have noted that even though I dedicated a page to our grandson more than 2 years ago, there are still a lot of folks who take the time to read that page and watch his videos, folks from all over the country and the world.  He was a special little boy.  He is in our thoughts and prayers most every day.

Anyway, this year on his birthday, The Boss got up and just sat down and wrote a song dedicated to him in about 10 minutes.  She said that God gave it to her.  I got up tonight and listened to it again.  I think it is beautiful.  The Boss is an amazing person… extremely talented.

At any rate, I am going to share the video with you…  The song is “Birthdays in Heaven.”

I hope you enjoyed it.  And, if you like, take the time to visit Cody’s Page.