Man, retirement is sooooo good!  Fishing when we feel like it.   I woke up this morning at 4:15 and listened to the quiet… NO WIND!   I slipped out of bed and went and checked the Hour By Hour weather on the Internet.  Well, there was some wind and it was supposed to pickup to 6 to 8… Good enough for me…  I went and asked The Boss… “Want to fish?”   Hard to understand what she said, but I could see her throwing the covers back in the dark… a good sign.  It wasn’t long before the coffee was brewing and ham and egg sandwiches were being stuffed in the lunch bag.  The trip down was uneventful other than we noticed that gas prices at the Pit Stop were 16 cents less than in Cleburne.   At 5:01 we were rolling out the gate and on the road.   At 5: 58 we rolled through the gates at McCown Valley Park…  It was cloudy and still somewhat dark.

Conditions at the ramp:

  • Air Temperature:  73°
  • Skies: Cloudy
  • Wind: 6 to 8 mph from the Southeast turning to the South
  • Water Temperature: 80°
  • Humidity:  Terrible
  • Water Clarity:  Murky and trashy
  • Water Level: 529.2 and rising..  actually, it is only 7 feet low now

The lake looked good….  The Corps had pulled the ramp up and it was appropriately placed.

Day Break in Cedron Creek

High Rollers traveling South

The wind seemed like it was a bit more than the advertized 6 to 8 mph, especially when we hit the open water between McCown and Cedron Creek.  Not bad, but it got just a little rough, the boss was holding on with both hands….  We couldn’t fish the areas we like because the wind and waves were too much but once we rounded the point going into Cedron Creek it was OK.

We noted that the lake had some sizable trash in it.. typical when there is a rapid rise in the water level.   The first shot is from the top of the ramp at McCown.  There are two large logs just out from the ramp. The second shot is over in Cedron Creek.

Floating Logs

Floating Timber

The first cast was about 6:15 The new H2O Top Water from Academy didn’t pay off until 7:15.  Got this nice fish 3 pounder pounced from beneath a lay down tree top.

Swallowed It!

The second fish came 5 minutes later on the same lure.

Doing the Bill Wilcox boating technique

By 8:30 am it became clear we were not going to find any “concentration” of fish in Cedron Creek… at least in areas where we could fish without being washed ashore. We thought we might as well move to the south side of the main lake and just fish along the bluffs out of the wind and enjoy the day.

Skies were clearing up a bit

Easy fishing

Another tree top in the water, and another little bass.. the H2O was still producing.

A little guy, but a fish

The Boss worked all kinds of stuff… from Pop-Rs to T-Rigs… she had a few bites on a T-Rig, but never came up with a fish. She was pretty frustrated. I boated 3 and lost another at the boat. The largest was about 3 pounds the smallest was a 14 incher. All the fish were just hard to find. As another guy pointed out, the fish really hadn’t moved up into the shallow water yet… though that is where ours came from.. they were really scattered. The guys we visited with up in Cedar Creek said they also had 3 fish but seemed to indicated that they didn’t get them shallow.

At 11 a.m. we gave it up.. the wind was calming down some, but the sun was also coming out and the humidity was just oppressive. We gave it up and went to the ramp.

McCown Valley Park ramp

As you can see, the ramp is in great shape. Got to love the new water.

We had not noticed all the wind damage when we came this morning (hey it was dark). But here are some shots of downed trees between the ramp and the gate. Based upon this damage, we assume there was damage else where in the park and around the lake as well.

The Corps had cleared several downed trees from the road ways.

And there were some downed trees off the road that had not been cleared as yet.

We also saw some damage outside the park so wind damage occurred all around the area.

We rode on down to Whitney and grabbed a burger at the Sonic and filled up the pickup with some $3.42 gasoline at the Brookshires.  Gas isn’t cheap anywhere, but it was less expensive in Whitney when compared to Cleburne which had $3.60 gas….

We also noted that Aquilla was at 537.65 which is right at the pool level of 537.50.

Give Whitney and Aquila a week and the water will be clear at both places  with lots of new structure along the shore lines… should be some great fishing.