It’s Thursday, October 30, 2014… Halloween minus one day…  Trick or treat!

And, as the fishing when, it was a trick.. as for the day, it was a treat!



We were on the lake about 8:15.  Sunrise was at 7:45.  The stats today were:

  • Air Temperature:  50°
  • Wind:  2 to 5 mph
  • Skies:  Partly Cloudy
  • Water Temperature:  70°
  • Water Clarity:  Good down in McCown Valley, dingy and stained in Cedar Creek
  • Water Level:  522.76 or 10 feet 3 inches low

The ramp at McCown still in good shape.  We had no issues launching.. and there was no other rigs in the parking lot at 8:00 a.m.  There were 3 others there when we returned.  We only saw two other boats on the lake while we were fishing.  The only other folks fishing were a few ducks…

We fished from 8:15 until noon…

We started in Cedar Creek.  I think The Boss had 2 or 3 bites in Cedar Creek, but she hooked up with none.  We moved up to the Bee Bluff area and were able to boat 3 small fish, but we did have more bites in the lower area of the lake versus Cedar Creek.

Early, we fished crank baits and top water lures, but had no hits.   We reverted to the Texas Rig for some fish catching versus just fishing.

Both of these were short fish…

We just didn’t find any concentrations of fish other than out in the main lake river channel near Bee Bluff.  We tried those fish for a short while, but they wouldn’t hit our slabs.   They were likely stripers and/or white bass.

We did get some very good photos…  you might enjoy this little slide show:

If you like to camp, now is the time… there weren’t many folks in the parks and the weather was great…