We were down in Peoria yesterday and had some time to kill.

It has been a while since we have gone to Aquilla, so we decided to run by and see “How High Is The Water, Mamma?”

Well, the fact is, the water isn’t rising.   And, it is not HIGH!  Here are some quick photos from the Dairy Hill ramp.

The fact is, we don’t fish Aquilla much any more.  We used to use it as our “back-up” lake on crowded holidays, or real windy days when it is too rough or to much trouble to be on Lake Whitney.   But, since we primarily keep our fishing to week days and don’t fish on holidays, we just haven’t been back to Aquilla.  And, I can’t think of many times that we fished Aquilla in the winter… maybe one or two, but I just can’t recall any off hand.  Aquilla was a great spring time, summer and fall lake though.

The state’s Water Data for Texas web site puts the water level in Aquilla at 534.92 or about 2 feet 6 inches lower than the 537.5 feet listed as normal pool level.  I would guess that is about right given the status of the floating dock..   Three feet of water would put it back in its normal position.. or there abouts.   I doubt that you could get a bass boat to the dock though… just too shallow there.

On the Texas Fishing forum, I haven’t seen any posts about bass fishing on Aquilla, but I have seen a few about the catfishing.   I will tell you that if you were looking for a big bass and a good chance to catch one… and, you were choosing between Whitney and Aquilla, I would say that Aquilla provides the best chance.  I have seen and hung some huge fish in Aquilla, even though my personal best has come from Whitney.  BUT, when we have caught big fish in Aquilla is during the spring spawn.  And, don’t be bringing any light-weight gear to Aquilla.  If you are not fishing with braid, you will not be putting any big ones in the boat.   There is lots of structure, so much in fact that off the main lake, it can be difficult to get a standard size bass boat around.   And, if you want to know which areas it is OK to run on a plane in, make a trip out there now.  The stumps are easy to see.  Add 3 feet and you will see that most are just under the water when Aquilla is at its normal pool stage.

Here is the message… you can still get a boat in on Aquilla.  There are lots of white perch (specs), white / yellow bass and catfish there for the taking in the winter.   It is not a hard lake to fish.  The wind is seldom a factor due to the size and configuration of the lake.  You can always find a good place to fish even with some wind.

So, if you have been wondering about Aquilla…  here is your answer….   Have a good one… but don’t poke any holes in the boat out there.