Other than a little cool, it was a great day on the lake…  the wind was down, mostly cloudy…  Just all in all a great fishing day.

View from the ramp…

Here are the stats:

  • Air Temperature:   52° at our 12 p.m. launch, and it didn’t get over 60° all afternoon.
  • Skies:  Mostly cloudy, though the sun came out late
  • Wind:  2 to 3 mph from the N, NW
  • Water Temperature:  55° to 56°
  • Water Clarity:   Good, 2 to 3 feet visibility
  • Water Level:  522.37 or about 10 feet 7 1/2 inches low

There was no problem launching though it is somewhat shallow.  The sliding dock is still useable.  And, just a footnote, a friend of ours said that he had launched this past week at Kimball Bend Park.  He allowed that the ramp there was also shallow.  He had launched in a 16′ aluminum boat, but had seen a 20 foot bass boat launch at the same time.  So, using that as a rule of thumb, I would guess that most ramps around the lake are still useable.  Just be careful.  At McCown Valley, stick to the middle lane of the ramp.

We wanted to find the sunny side of some rocks to fish, so we went up to the Bee Bluff area and fished the bluff and rocky points for a while.   The Boss and I started out with crank baits, but had no takers.  So, it was back to the old reliable worms.  She picked up her Texas Rig so I opted for a Carolina Rig… she was fishing the Lake Whitney old reliable Zoom plum Ol’ Monster, while I fished a Big Bite stick worm…

My first two fish were small.. but hey, they were fish.

Not quite a keeper

Little, but still a fish

I needed that life jacket to help keep warm.  I had come off and left my big jacket at the house.  And yep, that is a new LSU sweat shirt.. just in time for the Notre Dame game..  hopefully it will not be a 3 to zero result.

After I boated these two small ones, she drug out her C-Rig.  It wasn’t long before she boated one on a creature bait of some variety.  I don’t know where she finds those weird plastics, I don’t even think they have names.    Her fish came from the Cedron Creek area.

Of course she had the biggest one!

I boated two more short fish..  Hey, they could have been 13 1/2 but we weren’t measuring today…  I don’t think we had any keepers.. just fun fish… As my Dad used to say, “Some is better than none.”

Anyway, the trip to the lake was good.  The cows were feeding and so were the fish.  We ended up boating 5.  That’s a big day for us lately.  Though the fish were small, that was OK.  As Dad used to say, “Where there are little ones, there are big ones.”  It is just a matter of time before we find them.  And, we were seeing more fish on the finder.   Most were in the 10 to 20 foot depths on the ledges and humps, though The Boss did snatch her fish out of shallow water, it was on the edge of a creek drop off.

We love fall fishing.  We pretty much had the lake to ourselves.  There was only one other rig on the ramp when we launched.  It was gone when we returned at 4:30, but another had appeared.   We saw 3 boats fishing the humps just south of Bee Bluffs.  I am sure they were working the whites and stripers.  They were there for a couple of hours then two of them disappeared.

There were two herds of deer feeding in the park when we left..  They know how the hunting areas work..  They stick to the parks when hunting season opens.

Yep, we are here….

Campers McCown Valley Park were scarce.  We only saw 3 campers in the park, two in RVs and one tent .  The air temperature wasn’t too bad, I thought there would be more folks out there.

I had put the boat into the shop last week at Bass Pro for the 100 hour maintenance and steering hydraulics service..  Ran great today, not that it was having any issues to begin with.. we just took the opportunity to service it while the boat shop traffic was light.. Turn around was two days.  We missed seeing Gene; they said he was at the deer lease.

Fall fishing is good.. Winter fishing is good..  just waiting on that old big gal to chow down on one of our worms!