Yes, it is the end of January and we had 75° plus weather today…   gorgeous!!!!

In fact, we will start with the stats today:

  • Air Temperature:   50° at our 8:30 a.m. launch.  77° when we left at 2:30 p.m.
  • Skies:   Clear, with a few clouds by mid-day
  • Wind:  2 to 5 from the W/NW
  • Water Temperature:  47° on the main lake, 50° in the shallows
  • Water Clarity:  Clear, visibility was 3 or 4 feet on the main lake.. great!
  • Water Level: 522.58 or 10 feet 5 inches low.  So the lake is up a couple inches or so since last week.
  • Cows:  The cows were feeding, but the bass were not paying attention or they missed the memo… anyway, the fish were not feeding where we were.

There were 3 other rigs in the parking lot when we got there and one had just left.

Blue Skies

It was a grand day indeed…. nice temp, low wind, just really, really nice to be on the lake.  And, a nice day to be in the park…  get a load of this gang of turkeys…  We counted 25 and they were still coming down out of the trees….  I wish they had been in the sun, but they were staying in the shade like a bunch of hung over construction workers…


Just amazing!  And, isn’t it strange how the deer and turkey know to hit the Corps parks when hunting season is open… well, it is not quite turkey season, but it is getting close.

Fishing for us was tough again today.   We fished the usual spots up around the Katy Bridge, Bee Bluffs and in Cedron Creek, rocky points and ledges.  And, we had the same results…  only one bite today.   I caught this monster up at Bee Bluff.  He was just a little bigger than my 5 inch worm.

It’s fish, gotta be happy!

I saw another guy follow us to that point and he caught two more fish in the same spot.  I couldn’t tell what size they were though they were big enough to see from several 100 yards away.   I guess we should have hung in there a little longer.  We fished Carolina Rigs and T-Rigs mostly.  We did throw some suspending crank baits some and some rattle traps some…  I guess we didn’t throw them in the right places or use the right colors.

As the day went on, the lake began to look like Lake Whitney on the 4th of July… well sorta.  There were lots of boats and folks fishing and boat ridding, but didn’t see any swim suits.  I guess that 50° water held down the number of swimmers, skiers, wake boarders and sun bathers.  But it was nice and warm for fishing.  I also liked this guy… a canoe with about 25 Merc and an experienced look-out.

I don’t know what he was doing or where he was headed… but he went into Bee Cove and didn’t come out.

We also saw this plane buzzing the lake…  donno what his deal was either.

Is that a bomber????

He came by close enough to see the pilot wave out the window, but we were slow on getting the camera in action.

By the time we returned to the ramp, business had picked up considerably.  There were 10 or 12 rigs in the parking lot.

I got an email today from a reader who was asking about where to fish for gar after it warms up.   Well, the shallows in Cedron Creek, Camp Creek and the coves along Bee Bluffs are great.   In fact, today we saw 3 guys bow fishing in Camp Creek and Cedron Creek and they were have some good luck, or executing on an excellent game plan.  They were putting a fish in the boat about every 3 or 4 minutes and by the sound of the thrashing around in the boat, they were some nice sized fish.   But, I don’t know if they were shooting carp or gar..  or whatever.  I do know they were having some fun.  But, those shallows will hold gar and carp all spring and summer…  especially this spring when the spawning starts.

I also got an email from another fellow who “said” he had a buddy who had been doing well on Whitney catching good numbers and quality of fish on Alabama rigs, including a 9 pounder.  This was weekend before last.   Well, he didn’t send pictures so who knows.  If you are catching them and want to tell me about it… send the pictures.. hopefully current pictures.  Personally, I have a computer full of bass pictures taken on Whitney..  just none of them current.

The ramp at McCown is in good shape.  The little rise in the water didn’t hurt it a bit.  I also heard that folks were still putting in at Kimball Bend on 174.   I don’t know about that….. I think too much of my boat to risk it up there with the water down.. .but then again, I am not a big risk taker.   Anyway, I had reported last time that I didn’t think that Kimball Bend was open, but I was wrong again… at least according to that rumor.  We have more rain forecast for this weekend.. hopefully the lake will come up another inch or two…. or maybe not.. could be like the snow forecast this week for New York City… NOT!