Lately, I have been moaning and groaning about getting old…  lots of aches and pains.. getting really forgetful…  all that kind of stuff.  Well, it is worse than I thought.

We haven’t been on the lake as much as we usually are…  lots of excuses.    But, today took the cake… as my Dad used to say…  “That takes the cake.”

The Boss and I got back from church and observed that the weather wasn’t too bad…  nice in fact.. a little cloudy and not much wind.  I had received a couple of emails about bass tournaments on Lake Whitney and had mused that it might be a bit rough today due to the wind getting up into the 15 to 20 mph range according to the weather guessers…  but, that wasn’t the case about 10:30 this morning.   With the clouds and the winds being down I could see lots of folks catching nice stringers of fish.   There was no NASCAR on tv (the qualifying doesn’t count) and football season is now just a bad memory…   basketball, hockey and golf just don’t cut it in our book….    So, we thought we would make the trip down to Whitney and check out the weigh-ins at the Bud Light Trail and the Media Bass tournaments.     I had an email from the Media Bass Tournament Director with the event details…  it clearly said LOFERS BEND…   I don’t know why (other than old age) that I thought the weigh-in was in McCown.   On the Facebook page of the Bud Light Trail, it indicated that the weigh-in would be at Uncle Gus’s.   I really didn’t have the time for either weigh-in but guess they would be about 2 p.m.

We stopped at Sonic in Whitney and grabbed a burger and headed down to Uncle Gus’s….   When we got there about 1:30, there wasn’t much happening…There were less than a dozen rigs parked near the ramp.  A striper boat pulled up and I heard someone say that there were only TWO boats entered in the STRIPER and those fellas where the first and only guys to weigh in at the time….  they had at least a 50-50 chance.

I thought “this can’t be right”…  but hey what do I know.   Not much apparently.

We took some pictures at Uncle Gus’s Marina… just to get the ramp info.  The ramp looked fine and the marina looked fine.



Uncle Gus’s boat ramp

Uncle Gus’s Marina

I can’t find fish and I can’t find a tournament weigh-in when it is standing in front of my face.   I think I figured out that the BLACK BASS version of the tournament must have been later.   I got home and checked their web site…..  Apparently there was a bass tournament on Whitney today, maybe it weighted in at Uncle Gus’s.. not sure….  but we missed it.

According to their web site ( ), 46 teams, 34 teams weighed fish….  Big bass was 9 1/2 pounds and they had two 7 pound fish and a 6 1/2.   They weighed 125 fish totaling 343 pounds.  I wish I had been there…. would have loved to have seen those fish and heard some of the comments…..

And, worse than that, I thought, well, what the heck, we will run down to McCown and see the Media Bass Club weigh-in.  Well duh… old age struck again.   My email flier from Media Bass clearly said Lofers Bend.   We drove right by there commenting both times that the ramp parking lot was full….  and their web site ( ) has posted results from today as well.  They had 11 entries and weighed 32 fish at 82 1/2 pounds.   Their big bass was 6 1/2 pounds.

So…..  OLD AGE.. that is my excuse.  The Boss and I missed both weigh-ins.   It is no wonder we can’t find fish on Lake Whitney any more..   I can’t even find a weigh-in.  I ZEROED today.  Of course I also noted on the Bud Light Trail that Bill Wilcox zeroed too… or at least that is what the web page shows.  Tied for 35 with 12 other teams…. not to disparage Bill Wilcox.. I like the Honey Hole show.

But, I did come up with some more pictures…  of the McCown Valley ramp.

McCown Valley

There were quite a few rigs there…  I am thinking that maybe folks in the BLT could launch from other locations and then get back to Uncle Gus’s.

There was a striper boat pulling out at McCown when we got there.  Their report was that they had caught about 30 stripers on Rattle-Traps…  they said that 27 of them were 17 1/2 inches long and they only had 3 over 18 inches.    They also said that this past week they had caught some huge crappie on minnows…  I should have paid them for some lessons.

The 4 folks in this boat likely had one of those “memorable days” on the lake…  apparently their big motor had gone out and they made it back on their trolling motor.   Unfortunately, no one towed them in.  I am just happy they got in before the wind got up.

Well, getting back and finding the BLT and Media Bass results are posted is a good thing.  It kept the day from being a total waste.  I wanted to pass along as much information as I could about the health of bass fishing on Whitney…

Now I am just hoping I can continue to find my way to the lake…  fortunately, I don’t fish tournaments so making the weigh-ins is not that critical.