This is Tanner Worley with his 10.52 black bass.  He caught this last Wednesday.. the same day we were on the lake last week….

Tanner Worley – 10.52

Here is the info he provided:

It was caught outside of King Creek on a Picasso Lures Bait Ball School E Rig umbrella rig, with Santone Rig Heads, with Kicker Fish 3.8″ Money Shad Tail Slappers on them. I throw it on a GLoomis NRX Umbrella Rig rod, with a Shimano Curado 5.5:1 with braided line. It came out of 15 foot of water. After I set the hook I thought it might have been a stripper because it started stripping drag and heading for deep water. It didn’t jump or come up until we got it right by the boat and netted it. I caught it last Wednesday, February 11, 2015 around 9am.

Our thanks to Tanner for giving us the opportunity to post the info here on Whitney Lake Online!

Great job Tanner!