We fished Aquilla yesterday… some folks out there sight fishing….

The lake is a little over a foot high.. just right actually. The spawn has started… The Corps is releasing some water so its falling… Its a little muddy from the 5 inches of rain that they got around Peoria…. The Wind was down yesterday.. 3 to 5 mph. The water temperature was 56° at 10:30 when we launched and it got up to 58° when we left around 2, that is back in the flats.

We fished easy pickings flat… that where one guy was really working the sight fishing… he must have had radar glasses.. as opposed to polarized. The water wasn’t that clear.

Fishing was slow… like last week, we only caught 3 and they were not much to talk about.

But, I think that if the water warms a bit more, things will heat up. Past history says now is the time for the big girls.

The ramp and dock are in good shape…

See you on the lake….