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Just pidlling with some numbers….

It IS winter time and it is not even Thanksgiving yet… We have been spending a lot of time inside. We didn’t even get to the lake once last week. I have been thinking lately about the bass catching we have been doing at Whitney…. Bass have been few and far between for us and […]

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It is probably just us…  if you looked up “amateur fishermen” on the Internet, you would find our picture right by the definition…    In fact, out luck this year has generally been best described as “terrible.”  I don’t even know if we could be classified as fishermen.. well maybe fisherman, but not catchermen.     […]

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Whitney… Halloween minus one…

It’s Thursday, October 30, 2014… Halloween minus one day…  Trick or treat! And, as the fishing when, it was a trick.. as for the day, it was a treat!   We were on the lake about 8:15.  Sunrise was at 7:45.  The stats today were: Air Temperature:  50° Wind:  2 to 5 mph Skies:  Partly […]

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Whitney…. Cloudy & Cool

Yes Sir!!!!!!!!  It was a nice day on the lake…. definitely cloudy and cool to start.  We didn’t rush to get to the lake…  rolled into McCown Valley Park about 7:45…. OK, we missed sunrise by about 15 minutes… no big deal. Camping in the fall on Whitney must be great…. we don’t camp out, […]

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Fishing Whitney on the Hump….

Well, it is Wednesday… HUMP DAY….  if you measure time in weeks…  but, since we are retired, it doesn’t much matter other than it is not the weekend when we hate to fish. The statistics for today…. Air Temperature:  55° at 8:30 a.m. Skies:  CLEAR…  a Willie Nelson “Nothing but BLUE SKIES” Day Wind:   2 […]

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Fishing on a 2oozzzD

Can you believe it…  The Boss and I made it back to the lake today…  and what a day it was. We spent a lot of time fishing, but didn’t do much catching.   Up at 5:45 and on the lake about 7:30 a.m. today.  The Boss whipped up some fresh sausage biscuits and coffee this […]

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Fishing on a 2sD… again

Well, it looked like the perfect morning….   And, from the looks point of view, it was. We were fishing today… but just fishing… not catching so much. The Boss and I hit the road this morning about 6:15, stopping in Keene for a couple of doughnuts and coffee.   The trip to the lake was uneventful, […]

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A September fishing report….

Man, it was good to be back on the lake today…. much better than watching Honey Hole videos on the Internet. The politically correct term is that we have had “issues” the last 6 weeks or so… the phrase or term I use is “bad luck”… lots of just stuff happened that kept us off […]

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