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Fishing on a 2sD… again

Well, it looked like the perfect morning….   And, from the looks point of view, it was. We were fishing today… but just fishing… not catching so much. The Boss and I hit the road this morning about 6:15, stopping in Keene for a couple of doughnuts and coffee.   The trip to the lake was uneventful, […]

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A September fishing report….

Man, it was good to be back on the lake today…. much better than watching Honey Hole videos on the Internet. The politically correct term is that we have had “issues” the last 6 weeks or so… the phrase or term I use is “bad luck”… lots of just stuff happened that kept us off […]

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At this point, what difference does it make?

Yep, we were back on Whitney today after being on Aquilla the last two trips…   We didn’t catch anything last time on Aquila and nothing on Whitney today…  not many bites at either place.  So, at this point “What difference does it make?” But, it was a very nice day on the lake….  You just […]

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Quilla… Hot, Hot, Hot

We F-I-S-H-E-D Aquilla yesterday…   boy was it hot. It was nice when we hit the water, but by the time we left, we were dripping in sweat. The conditions at our 6:30 a.m. launch: Air Temperature:  76° Skies:  Clear Wind: 2 to 5 Water Temperature:  85° Water Clarity:  Good… 2 feet or so Water Level:  […]

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Fishing on a WindsDee in July

Yes, the cows were feeding today…  at least where we were. It was a pretty good day on the lake… of course being on the lake is generally better than being most anywhere else… While the cows were feeding the fish didn’t bite all that well where we were fishing.  We moved to some new […]

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Whitney on a 2sDee

It was a terrific day to be fishing on Lake Whitney today… cloudy, cool and not much wind. Daybreak is always neat… The conditions: Air Temperature:   76° Wind:  2 to 5 mph from the East Skies:  Cloudy Water Temperature:  84° Water Clarity:  Dirty in some places, relatively clear in others (the lake is falling […]

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Hot & Hazy

Yes sir! It was hot and hazy this morning….  But, it was great to be on the lake… . be it somewhat crowded. We had considered going to Aquilla this morning.. just for grins and in the hopes of catching some fish again.  But, we considered everything and went back to Whitney.  So did some […]

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Now this was a July Day….

Yep… really a typical summer day… hot and the fish were hard to find. Stats at 6 a.m. : Air Temperature:  76° Skies:  Cloudy & hazy Wind:  3 to 5 mph Water Temperature: 82° Water Clarity:   Typical Whitney… visibility about 2 to 3 feet, semi-stained Water Level:  525.62 or about 7 feet 4 1/2 inches […]

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