Cedar Creek Park is an open access park. It has primitive facilities. However, there are a number of camp sites which are near the water and overlook one of the creeks.

The boat ramp is a Corps built concrete ramp and is normally 2 lanes wide.  It appears to be a bit steeper than the normal Corps ramp, but it is not bad.  There is a very nice ramp parking area and will accommodate a number of vehicles and trailers.   The ramp features the Corps  sliding boat dock beside the ramp.  Boat launches are FREE.  Juniper Cove Marina is just across the creek.

These photos were taken on two different dates, August 22, 2011 and February 4, 2012. The lake level on August 22, 2011 was 522 feet or 13 feet low. The February 4, 2012 photos were taken when the lake level was 527 feet 7 1/2 inches or 5 feet 4 1/2 inches low. As of March 14, 2012 the lake was just a little over normal pool of 533 feet. You can use your judgment to estimate the ramp usefulness at the current time.

Ramp at 13 feet low or Lake Level of 522 feet:

This boat ramp is nearly out of the water at this level. You can see the end of the ramp and a fair drop off. If you have a single axle trailer, you MIGHT get a boat in there, but it would be close and I would recommend you have someone watch your trailer axle. If a trailer got off the lip of the ramp, it  might be a struggle to get it out.  I would say that if the lake is 14 feet below normal pool, the ramp will not be usable.


Ramp with the lake at 527 feet 7 1/2 inches or 5 feet 4 1/2 inches low.

This ramp should be a two lane ramp, but the sliding boat dock really makes only one lane usable at the time.  This is the only Corps of Engineers ramp on Whitney Lake that did not get the new sidewalk down the side for the sliding ramp.  This is a great location. Cedar Creek is a great fishing area and has lots of great places to fish near the ramp.