Well, we were able to get on Aquilla again… hey, it is back on the water and you can’t beat a morning of bass fishing…. Lake Whitney is still 16 feet high and the parks and ramps remained closed…even the privately operated marinas are closed as of the last report I got. I hardly slept […]

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Lake Whitney State Park Closed for the summer

Here is an update from THE REPORTER, the newspaper serving Whitney, West and Milford.  Latest update on the State Park and the Corps of Engineers parks around Lake Whitney. Lake Whitney State Park Closed for the Summer Going to be fishing from the bank if you can find a spot ….

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Aquilla – 6-11-2015

Here are a couple of photos of the Dairy Hill Ramp at Aquilla 6-11-2015….   The Corps of Engineers has the ramp and big parking lot locked. I have this tidbit from a poster on the Texas Fishing Forum: A guy from the COE told me it would be around two weeks after the lake goes […]

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Media Bass Teams Moved to Richland Chambers on June 21

Due to the lake closing because of high water at Lake Whitney, June 21 Teams “Double-Up” will be at Richland Chambers – Oak Cove Marina. Please be advised of this Important Message and pass it along to any other interested anglers. TX I-35 Teams (info@mediabass.com)

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Whitney and Aquilla now releasing water.

When Whitney and Aquilla  open, the fish will be biting…  The Corps of Engineers has open the gates. See the attached article.. Dams opened… It is just a matter of time until the Corps opens the ramps up for public use….   For now, the water is too high.  

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How High is the Water Mama????

Yep, that is the question everyone is asking…  and the next question is “How high do you think it will get?” We haven’t been to the lake in 3 weeks or so… it has been raining and we have been sick….  Just been one thing after another.  Yesterday, I had a severe case of cabin […]

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Aquilla & Whitney…

Yep, that was The Boss on the cover picture….  She squeezed in some picking and grinning Thursday night.  In between an Aquilla trip on Thursday morning and a Whitney trip on Friday morning….  She is hard to keep up with. The Boss is a mulit-talented woman. She was raring to go fishing Thursday morning. Like […]

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Whitney this week….

I haven’t given a Whitney report in some time…   So, being as this is the Whitney Lake Online web site, I thought we would get back to our bidness this week. I have a couple of reports I want to share: First from Jeffrey Weis is this report: My brother Ray Weis and I (Jeff) […]

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