Walling Bend Park is an open access Corps of Engineers park on the West side of Whitney Lake.  It is somewhat remote and patrolled by the Sheriff’s Department.  Access to the park and boat launches are free.  There are some great primitive camp sites with outstanding views of the main lake.  Of course the park is open to day use as well.  There are no beaches, but there is swimming from the bluffs.

These photos were taken on two different dates, August 22, 2011 and February 4, 2012. The lake level on August 22, 2011 was 522 feet or 13 feet low. The February 4, 2012 photos were taken when the lake level was 527 feet 7 1/2 inches or 5 feet 4 1/2 inches low. As of March 14, 2012 the lake was just a little over normal pool of 533 feet. You can use your judgment to estimate the ramp usefulness at the current time.

 Ramps at 13 feet low or Lake Level of 522 feet:

There are two boat ramps in Walling Bend Park.  The first is at the end of County Road 2841 just past the entrance to the park itself.  The ramp accesses the lake through Shuler Creek which is shallow.  This ramp is currently out of the water at a lake level of 522 feet.

This is a standard Corps concrete two lane ramp.   The ramp features an adjustable boat dock.  The lake bottom at the end of the ramp is sandy and it does not appear to be a problem to back out onto the same when the ramp runs out in low water.  However, the creek behind the ramp is shallow and boats may not be able to get out to the lake.

The second ramp is at the back of the park itself on Rocky Creek.

It is a standard Corps of Engineers two lane ramp with an adjustable boat dock on the side.   There is ample parking for boaters.  At the 522 lake level, the ramp is still useable.  The water is very clear in this part of the lake and end of the ramp is visible from the boat ramp.  There appears to be a significant drop-off at the end of the ramp and the lake is deep in this area.

Ramps with the lake at 527 feet 7 1/2 inches or 5 feet 4 1/2 inches low.

This is the ramp just outside the gate of Walling Bend Park.

This is the ramp on Rocky Creek.

The park has some rough picnicking and camping areas.  It is not a controlled access park.