We are new to this blogging stuff, but we are going to give it a try.  We fish Whitney Lake as the Corps of Engineers calls it.. The State of Texas calls it Lake Whitney….  doesn’t matter, its a great fishing hole.  We have fished down there since the mid 1990’s and we like it. Great fishing.  Its got large-mouth bass, small-mouth bass (so they tell me), stripers, white bass, catfish, carp, buffalo, bream, and crappie.  You name it, it is just probably in there… I have even caught the dreaded gasper goo there… in fact, I have caught most all of these fishing for black bass on Whitney Lake.

If you would like to fish Whitney, I hope to be of some help, sharing my experiences around the lake. Of course at the current time, the lake is far below its normal pool stage and many of the lake’s public facilities provided by the Corps are just not functional due to the extremely low water.  The normal pool stage is 533 feet.  Right now the level is 519.37 feet or a little over 13 1/2 feet low.  Most of the Corps ramps are closed.

So, during this down time I have done all the maintenance on my boat and trailer, cleaned my reels and organized my lure boxes.  Besides, for us old folks, it is just too hot to fish.  We are in our 25th or so straight day of over 100 degree heat.  So, I have decided to work on this blog site on Whitney Lake. Its air-conditioned here in the house.

I hope to have a little fun with it and I hope to share some of our fishing experiences in the future with you.  That is of course if we ever get any rain again and the lake will come back up.  I sure love fall and winter fishing so, I am praying for that rain to get here soon.

Keep a tight line… will visit more with you soon.