Here is a tip for fishing in the extreme heat….

Use treated hand towels applied to the back of your neck to cool you down.


Purchase 2 oz bottles of  aromatic ammonia from the drug store and some Florida Water Cologne (

Take a lunch cooler and fill it half full of ice ( large cube ice).

Barely cover the ice with water or just to the top of the ice.

Pour a whole bottle of ammonia in, 2 fluid  ounces.

Add a cap full of Florida Water and stir with your hand.

Just dip a fresh hand towel into it, then place the towel around your neck.  Use it until the towel gets warm and then put it to the side (a gallon zip lock will work great).  Take lots of hand towels with you so you don’t have to re-dip your towels.  Re-dipping will ruin the water.

My brother uses this method and has passed it along.   He says that the towels are much colder than dipped in just ice water and that they stay colder longer.

Try it, you might like it.