Well, recovering from sinus problems this week…. haven’t fished since Monday.

Us “old timers” are accustomed to renewing our fishing licenses sometime during the last week of August.  Used to be that all the Texas Fishing and Hunting licenses expired on August 31.   I think it was last year, or maybe the year prior, that TP&W changed the law.  Now anytime a person puchases a license during the year, it will run for a full year, expiring on the anniversary of the date of issue.

At any rate, there are likely a bunch of us whose liceneses will still expire on August 31.  So, if you are in that bunch, get down there and get that new license.  Otherwise, when the Park Ranger or Game Warden sticks his foot over in your boat and asks for fishing licenses, boat licenses and insurance, you are going to get that big sinking feeling in addition a a substantial fine.