This story was on KWTX TV from Waco August 30, 2011.

Its a story of a auto and a safe found in Whitney since the water went down.

Actually, the story about the safe is kind of interesting.   We have fished the Katy Bridge for a number of years.  On the west side near the bridge end of the rip-rap, there was an old safe that became exposed when the lake was down about 8 to 10 feet.  We used it to mark a location that was pretty productive for us.  Anyway, for a number of years, the safe sat in the same spot.  It appeared to be closed.   We never bothered with it.  Then last year or the year before, the safe was exposed again, and this time it was open.     This past year, it disappeared.   We always figured it was empty or the person who threw it in the lake from the road would not have thrown it in.  Anyway, the TV news story is interesting.  They did not indicate where the auto and the safe were found.
My guess is there is lots of stuff at the bottom of the lake…  who knows what.  Only time and a very severe drought are likely to reveal those secrets.  Keep your eyes pealed for more secrets, and more importantly, stumps, humps and rocks that may dent your boat or prop… water levels continue to fall.