It was a great day on the lake today….   We launched at 7:30 a.m. , the air-temp was about 60 degrees, the water temp around 70.  Winds were light, 3 to 5 mph when we launched and calm when we came in.  The water was a little stained with signs of the recent rains.  The lake is up almost a foot, now 15 feet 4 inches low.  The ramp at Lofers Bend East was in good shape.  We launched with no problem.  There were two rigs already in the parking lot when we launched and 5 or 6 there when we returned at 12:30 p.m.  I want to send out a special thanks to my buddy Matt who checked out the ramp for me last night… I was worried about pulling my boat on that 95 mile round trip and then not getting to get on the water.

We caught 8 bass today, and one white bass.   The biggest fish was caught on a top water lure, it just happened to be the new lure I carved and painted last week.  This is that fish.

This is a 4 lb 12 oz bass caught in 1 foot of water on the top of a hump.  Great fight.  I love bass in shallow water… they really like to get out of the water and dance.  Like I said, this one was caught on a lure I made… an Injured Minnow look alike.  This is the rig that I caught it on.

My hand made lure, carved out of a cedar post and reeled in on a Ambassadeur 5000 that I bought back in the mid-70s.  That old reel still throws a quarter mile.

The next fish is a 3 lb 6 oz bass caught on a new T-rigged worm hook up.  Two plastic worms on one hook… big mass, moves lots of water with lots of action.

The fish were about evenly divided between top water and T-Rigs.  We did not find any schooling fish.  All these were singles that we had to work for.  However, we did catch fish from the time we arrived all the way up to the time we got ready to leave at noon.  The fish bit slowly all morning.  Also, these fish were “skinny”.  The 4-12 was 22 inches long and just thin…. as were all the others… NOT FAT!  When the 4-12 came in the boat, I thought it was a good 6 lber… sad to say, not so.

I was thinking or not… that us bass fishermen should do an “Occupy Lofers Bend” rally…  we could all camp out and do rain dances asking for more rain.  We got a total of 5 inches up in Burleson and it looks like the lake actually came up around 6 to 8 inches….   Here is what our rally might look like…  campers and such.

We could be for the Corps of Engineers as opposed to anti-corp…  and we could be neat and organized as we do it….  Just us old folks sitting around in the shade in the afternoon after a great morning on the lake.  Occupy Lofers…  much better than a lot of carrying-on occupying Wall Street.  We would be talking about how great we have it here in the good old U.S. of A.

I will tell you that I think the fish are on.  When the Boss and I can catch 8 bass, that means the fish are biting and you guys that really know how to fish can load the boat with them.